Best Micro SD Card for 4k Drone Videos in 2024

Best Micro SD Card for 4k Drone Video in 2024

Speeding up your shooting video experience with the best micro SD card for 4k drone videos is a good idea. Suppose you’re doing a lot of sightseeing & want to shoot all the unique parts of your tour. Below are the best SD cards for you to have QHD, & 4k Videos without fail.

Why do you need the best Micro SD Cards for 4k drone Videos?

Whether flying in FPV (first-person view) or line of sight, you’ll need a few microSD cards to store all the great capture videos. A large micro SD card that can handle fast throughput and  4k Video  , that’s why we have put together a list of the best micro SD Card for recording 4k Video with your Drone.

Best Micro SD Card for 4k Drone Videos in 2024

1. SAMSUNG EVO 512GB Micro SD card-Best Selling Amazon’s Best Choice

Best Micro SD Card for 4k Drone Video

Samsung EVO is the best budget-friendly memory card series suitable for many 4k action drone users. With a minimal amount, you get access to 512GB of memory, which gives you about 90MB of write speed and up to 100MB of read speed. This speed is enough for recording a 4k drone shot.

This series of memory cards is one of the  budget-friendly 4k video recording 4k micro SD cards for drons  as action drone camera professionals commonly use them because they support fast playback and excellent results for high resolution, high-quality video recording.

2. Gigastone 256GB-Best Cheap 4k Micro SD Card

Cheap 4k Drone Micro SD Card

Gigastone Prime 600X is a new brand that quickly gained popularity with customers due to its excellent read and write speed. Many uses make a micro SD card perfect for storing problems, facts, stills, and videos. Before they first hit the market, these micro 4k drone CD cards were tested in some products, such as drones, action cameras, and camcorders; they have proven very successful.

The Gigastone Prime 600X micro SD card also includes an SD adapter for gadgets with an SD card slot. This brand is one of the most flexible and widely used micro SD cards. Gigastone is a globally recognized brand that sells 1 million units annually and has a 5-year limited warranty.

3. SanDisk 1TB Extreme 4K Micro SD Card-Best Cheap 1TB Micro SD card

2021's Best Micro SD Card for 4k Drone Video

SanDisk Extreme memory cards are among the best choices for those who browse the site with a drone because of their excellent quality and fast speed. SanDisk Extreme 1T is among the best micro SD cards for 4K video recording. With a minimal amount, users can get a 1TBG SD card with 160MB of reading speed and up to 90MB of write speed.

This range suits video shooting, so this card is best suited for high-end 4k video recording storage. You’ll be delighted that it has a 10-year warranty and an SD card adapter for easy file transfer.

4. Lexar Professional 128GB

Best 4k Micro SD Card for Drone

Lexar Professional Micro SD card lets users capture videos at very high speeds with easy playback options, making them suitable for 4k video recording. With this card, you can capture fantastic drone shots in 4k regulation. You can also quickly transfer all your multimedia files to other multimedia devices.

The read speed these devices provide is 150 Mbps, up to 1000 times. The card follows advanced UHS-II technology for this high-speed performance and features a microSD UHS-II type USB 3.0+ card reader with very high file transfer rates.

5. SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB-Best Amazon’s Choice

4k Video Micro SD Card for Drone

The SanDisk Extreme PRO microSD card can fully meet the high-quality 4k drone video recording requirements. The faster and cooler 90MB/s sequential read and 90MB/s sequential write speeds allow action cameras or  drones to record 4K videos  perfectly. It also comes with much protection, including X-rays and hot/cold.

SanDisk Extreme Speed ​​has been tested to deliver optimal performance that meets your expectations. This microSD card is a perfect option for high-end drones due to their advanced camera specs. However, it can also be used on camera drones to capture many shots on a tiny micro SD card.

6. Silicon Power 128GB Superior Pro

SD Card for 4k

Silicon Power Superior Pro is an economical micro SD card with 290MB read speed and 160MB write speed. It has a little less power than popular brands like Samsung. However, this micro SD card is an ideal choice for those on a tight budget or needing a cheap card primarily for their videography/photography. Silicon Power Superior Pro is a perfect match for drones, games, and action cameras that deliver quality at 4K UHD resolution settings.

This micro SD card is highly recommended if you use your Drone primarily for photography. However, if you decide to make a video, this micro SD card has a 5-year limited warranty.

7. PNY U3 Turbo High Performance 32GB Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card in 2021 for 4k Drone Video

This high-speed memory card is the perfect choice for drones and the latest 4k-capable digital cameras. With this extra storage, you can easily capture long 4K videos with your device and transfer them to other platforms at very high speeds. The maximum write speed of the file transfer can go up to 90MB, which is sufficient for everyday use.

The PNY Turbo memory card is one of the best micro SD cards for high-quality 4k drones or Android smartphone video recording enthusiasts for high-speed recording of full HD videos for long periods.

You can get the seven best Micro SD Cards for 4k Drone Videos in 2024. We will keep updating this article, so stay tuned.

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