Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallet Cases

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallet Cases 2024

The best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra cases offer a variety of designs and reliable protection for your phone. To help protect your expensive new investment, we’ve compiled a list of the best cases from Samsung and trusted third-party brands like Otterbox, Poetic, Zagg, and more that you can use for the new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone.

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Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallet Cases of 2024

1. Torro Leather Wallet Case

If you’re the proud new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra owner, you’ll want wallet cases to keep safe from scratches, drops, or accidental damage. This is where the Torro leather case comes in handy. Made from premium leather, this case is durable and stylish.

You can express your personality by choosing various colors to suit your style. The kickstand is perfect for watching videos or making video calls hands-free. It also has space for three credit cards and cash, effectively containing a case and wallet in one stylish package.

2. Smartish Wallet Case

It’s not a replacement for a full wallet, but if traveling light isn’t your thing, the Smartish Galaxy S24 Ultra Wallet Case is the perfect compromise. Holding three cards and cash, this streamlined, protective wallet case won’t add much bulk to your massive smartphone.

Instead of a wallet flap, the Smartish case uses a hidden card slot built directly into the back. Thumb grooves allow you to slide the cards out quickly and easily, and the spring-loaded design ensures the cards stay snug during travel.

It’s innovative and goes well with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s massive 6.8-inch display. If you compare it to a traditional wallet case with a flap, you can easily see that it takes up very little space.

It’s available in various colors and patterns and gives you access to 15 designs. The case is also highly durable, able to withstand 50 drops from 6 feet off the ground onto concrete.

3. Slim folio wallet case

If you’re looking for a case that covers the screen of your Galaxy S24 ultra, Samsung’s S-View Wallet case is a decent choice. The small screen view lets you see notifications, answer calls, and quickly check the current time.

A hidden slot inside the case can only hold one credit and two cash, but that’s all the storage space some people need. The S-View wallet case is available in various colors for all Galaxy S24 models.

4. I Blason Armor Box

This wallet case from the I-Blason is designed to be used ideally with the Galaxy S24 Ultra and offers excellent coverage and a variety of features. It has a built-in screen protector compatible with a fingerprint sensor and features an N52 magnet for faster, more efficient magnetic charging.

The case is made of shock-absorbing TPU and has a raised bezel that protects against bumps, drops, and scratches. Not to mention, it also has an integrated kickstand on the back. There are many cases here, and you can get them all for a surprisingly reasonable price.

5. Wallet Case Compatible with MagSafe

One of the best Wallet cases is available for all Galaxy S24 ulta. It’s compatible with Apple’s MagSafe accessories and other magnetic MagSafe-compatible accessories, including wireless charging batteries, wallets, and more.

However, the case does feature a built-in magnetic locking system (which the company calls SlimLink) that connects to various mobile mounts and accessories.

This includes bike mounts, charging stands, tripods, and car mounts. Combine accessories with all the MagSafe accessories on the market, and you’ll have a lot of accessory options to choose from.

The case is relatively thin with a 6-foot drop protection rating, but the more protective cases on this list offer slightly better edge protection. The case comes in black or dark blue and is compatible with the S Pen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra need a case?

The titanium Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is one of the best Android phones in terms of durability, but we recommend purchasing a case with extra protection. The last thing you want is an expensive new phone bill and need warranty repairs or worse.

Does the Galaxy S23 Ultra case fit the Galaxy S24 Ultra?

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 Ultra case will not fit the Galaxy S24 Ultra due to the unique dimensions of the new phone and vice versa.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is 6.43 inches high, 3.07 inches wide, and 0.35 inches deep, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra is 6.39 inches tall, 3.11 inches wide, and 0.34 inches deep.

If you want to protect your older model instead, check out our guide to the best Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra cases.

What should you look for in a Galaxy S24 Ultra case?

When choosing a Galaxy S24 Ultra case, there are a few essential factors to consider beyond potential budget constraints. For example, how much protection do you want your phone case to have? And which case best suits your aesthetic preferences?

Ensure the case you’re buying doesn’t interfere with the phone features you want to utilize, like wireless charging.

There’s nothing worse than finding what you think is the perfect case, only to find out after purchase that it’s incompatible with your use case.

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