country where mobile phones are voice activated

The Country Where Mobile Phones Are Voice Activated

According to a study conducted by iProspect, the global digital performance agency, 62 per cent of smartphone users in the Asia-Pacific region have already used voice-activated technology in the past six months. In the past month, 54 per cent of smartphone users in the region have used voice to initiate or complete a task. These results show that voice technology is rapidly scaling across mobile populations. Leading the way is India, followed closely by China. new upcoming phone

China’s government has been using voice biometrics as part of its drive to build a “multi-modal” portrait of each person, linking their voice patterns to their personal information and to police databases. It also provides voice pattern collection systems to police bureaus and has set up a key ministry laboratory for artificial intelligent voice technology. Voice biometrics are less transparent than DNA sampling and fingerprinting, but are no less invasive.

Cellphones have changed the way we live and work. There are an estimated 8.3 billion mobile phone subscriptions worldwide, which is almost half of the planet’s population. In developing countries, cell phone use is increasing. In sub-Saharan Africa, cell phone use has exceeded the use of fixed-line phones. Asian countries are also seeing an increase in mobile phone usage. In the United States, 93 percent of households now own a cell phone, and the percentage continues to rise.