Best Dumb Phones 2024

Top Best Dumb Phones of 2024

Choosing the best dumb phone is easy because you’re likely not looking for many features. You have to be realistic about your priorities. If you want a phone with WhatsApp, Maps, Spotify, and hotspot capabilities for remote work, a phone checks that box.

What is a dumb phone?

Unlike smartphones, dumbphones have limited features and functionality. A flip phone provides essential functions such as making calls and sending messages. The idea is to ensure a less addictive and simpler experience than smartphones. Over the years, phone users have switched from feature-rich phones to basic, dumb phones.

Dumb phones lack internet browsing features and applications to ensure digital deaddiction, mental health, and safety.

Over the years, smartphone usage has reached a saturation point. People are concerned about the harmful effects of digital exposure and its impact on mental health. Privacy concerns and recurring data breaches repeatedly show us that dumb phones are best, especially if you believe in simplicity and minimalism.

Best Dumb Phone 2024

These phones are often called dumb phones. These are the best for those looking for a digital detox or avoiding overexposure to social media!

1. Wise Phone II: Best Dumb phone with a Good Camera

Best Dumb phone with a Good Camera

Dumb phones shouldn’t have touch screens. However, anyone who loves texting will want to make texting even easier with the alphanumeric keypad displayed on the WisePhone II’s large 6.49-inch color touchscreen, making it the best Dumb smartphone of 2024.

But while it’s an update to the original WisePhone, the WisePhone II’s touch screen is useful for more than text messaging. It comes with all the features that other dumbphones don’t, including full GPS and mapping, a notes app, and a great viewfinder and display for taking and displaying high-resolution photos.

You don’t get addictive apps—just the basics of a true phone. WisePhone II is available for pre-order at $399. It’s available in three service plans: $24.99, $44.99, and $69.99, giving you access to even more smart services.

You can also get $75 off at checkout using our promo code ‘Vokeme.’

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2. Punkt MP02: Dumb phone for texting

best dumb phone for texting

If you’re paranoid or worried about your digital safety, this Punkt MP02 focuses on providing simple and secure mobile communications. Costing about four times the price of a standard dumb phone, Punkt is equipped with a proprietary operating system and other software that creates encrypted Internet-based calls and texts over Wi-Fi or cellular connections, keeping your data and calls safe from hackers.

The Punkt’s style keeps you digitally safe, and its sturdy construction protects this uniquely designed phone from physical damage. The rubbery trapezoidal back is easy to grip, and the matte polycarbonate chassis is reinforced with fiberglass to protect against drops. The Punkt MP02 is available in light blue, gray, or black to satisfy your aesthetic.

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3. Light Phone 2: Simple dumbphone

Dumb phone with WhatsApp and maps

The Light Phone is one of those dumb phones that stands out because of its attractive design. It is small and sleek and uses an e-paper screen, unlike an e-reader. The black-and-white screen has basic functions, such as music and podcast players, a calendar, an alarm, and a calculator.

There’s a full screen for texting, a rare feature among dumbphones, so if you like chatting with the gang, this is a huge plus. This is minimalistic. You can’t check email or social media (or anything online, for that matter); basically, none of your favorite apps work here.

It’s compatible with major networks like AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many smaller providers.

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4. Palm Phone-Dumb phone with Spotify

Dumb phone with Spotify

The Palm Phone is designed to complement your smartphone. Giving it the versatility to be a primary (or secondary) device is all about balance. It is perfect when you need to pack light, such as exercising, hiking, or going out at night. Palm has added a more targeted feature set to the smartphone experience without compromising the basics.

The Palm Phone received mixed reviews upon release, with some praising its innovation and others questioning its necessity. However, its smaller form factor, decent cameras, and features that make smartphones less distracting have given it a niche market.

Scroll through email, listen to Spotify, use maps, and browse the InteInterneta tiny device. It runs Android and has an app store.

Essentially, you’re buying a second Android phone with all the Internet features as your current smartphone, but on a smaller scale.

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5. Mindful Phone: Dumb phone with a keyboard

best dumbphone for texting

The Mindphone phone is not designed to access the Internet and can’t connect to a computer. It’s a hybrid phone with Internet functionality and a physical T9 keyboard. After thinking about this for a few days, a few thoughts came to mind.

This is a great V1. It runs a relatively responsive Android skin. It was designed with the Hasidic Jewish community in mind. Part of their religious practice is not using the Internet, so the T9 keyboard I mentioned has traditional Hebrew and English characters.

Ari plans to create a more extensive version that doesn’t include Hebrew keys and could include more features, such as Spotify.

This phone has a strong use case for young children who still want to feel like they have a smartphone. The touchscreen functionality and a physical keyboard make it a great entry-level phone for parents to keep in touch with their children.

US Mobile has partnered with Mind Phone to offer the Light Plan, which offers unlimited calls and texts for $6 per month.

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6. Nokia 2720 flip: Dumb Phone with WhatsApp and Maps

Best Minimal phones 2024

Nokia 2720 flip has a 1.8-inch TFT display and a 1.36-inch secondary external monochrome TFT display. The first product on the list is the classic Nokia 2720. It includes useful features for making calls and sending messages, helping avoid distractions, and increasing productivity.

This is one of the best phones for seniors with large buttons. Its best feature is its advanced features without sacrificing simplicity, such as strong voice quality, Bluetooth, video recording, user-friendly navigation, FM radio, etc.

With the Nokia 2720, you get more than you want! This stain-prone flip phone has a decent design and extensive controls. It comes in various colors and adds over 500 contacts to your address book.

Features like hands-free speakerphone, STMP email messaging, built-in music player, excellent battery life, and talk time are just the icing on the cake!

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7. Easyfone Prime A7- A dumb phone with a larger button

best dumb phone for kids

People with impaired vision will love the large buttons with big digits and easy-to-read numbers on Easyfone’s new Prime A7. They can also speed dial people using pictures displayed on the screen of this candy bar phone.

To help you hear conversations, the A7 is equipped with loudspeakers and is compatible with hearing aids. There is also a dedicated emergency SOS button on the back of the phone to call for help and transmit your location, just in case. The included charging dock makes charging easy—no need to hunt for loose cables or small jacks.

Although not necessarily smart, the A7 has handy features, including a camera, FM radio, music player, calculator, and voice recorder. The A7 is unlocked for use on T-Mobile’s suite of postpaid and prepaid networks, but you’ll get a SpeedTalk SIM card with plans starting at $5 per month, and you can keep your current phone number.

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8. Nokia 6300: Nokia’s Dumb phone for kids with Wifi and Hotspot

Nokia dumb phone

This Nokia phone probably looks most similar to the devices in the Before Times, also known as High School, in the early 2000s. Despite its retro looks, the Nokia 6300 is one of the most modern dumbphones, as it features Facebook and WhatsApp access, YouTube, hotspot functionality, FM radio, and maps.

Still, you won’t get stuck scrolling for hours on TikTok or Instagram, making them excellent choices for connecting smart people with dumb people.

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Advantages of Dumb Smartphones

1. Unencumbered

Because dumb phones don’t have these features, there are no distractions, notifications, or excessive exposure to social media. If you want to take a break from social media, pick up one of the best dumb phones among the abovementioned options.

2. Better security

A dumb phone with minimal features and uncomplicated applications that require you to grant access to your gallery and camera is one of the safest options for privacy. Compared to smartphones, dumbphones are the best in terms of privacy and security.

3. Long battery life

The best dumbphones don’t have many applications and other complicated features that drain the battery, so they can be used for long periods without charging. This phone is great if you’re traveling and want to stay connected without stressing about charging it often! Dumb phones are considered to have one of the best battery life.

4. Durability

Smartphones have delicate components such as glass screens and sensors that, if damaged, can burn a hole in your pocket! Dumb smartphones, on the other hand, are made of sturdy materials as they do not offer any features that make them delicate. Now that we know the huge benefits of dumb phones, it’s time to unlock the best dumb telephones of 2024.

5. Budget

There is a huge difference in the price of smartphones and regular phones. When we talk about Android or Apple phones, there is no limit to the price, but if you have advanced features, the price goes up. However, if you look at the prices of dumbphones, the price range is almost similar. Telecommunications company network plans are also cheaper than smartphone plans that require data consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Dumb Phone Help You Digital Detox?

Yes, if you choose a model without a web browser, email, or social media apps. But considering how important some smartphone features have become not just basic communication tools like texting.

Still, also suddenly indispensable advanced tech features like taking photos and videos, GPS mapping, accessing Internet information, and making digital payments — digital detox is different. It may be more difficult than it seems. You imagined.

Are dumbphones a smart way to protect my privacy?

But dumb phones are much less likely to be hacked by identity thieves because they don’t contain much personal information besides your name and phone number.

How long will Dumbphones last?

Dumb phones are no more or less susceptible to accidental damage or battery decline due to aging than smartphones. What makes a dumb phone better than a smartphone whose longevity you’re concerned about is that you don’t have to worry about the touch screen cracking or breaking.

You don’t have to worry about the entire digital transfer, so it’s cheaper and easier to replace. Bring your new devices to life.


For those who believe it’s time to take a digital detox and manage stress, a dumb phone is the best thing to buy. Embrace the best dumb phones of 2024 and embrace the joys of minimalism and simple life.

A dumb phone is a simple or old cell phone with basic features that allow you to make calls and send messages. All the phones reviewed above are great in their own right.

If you’re looking for the best dumb phone with WhatsApp, Maps, Spotify, and a good camera, you’ll be happy to know that there are many options.

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