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5 Best Phones Without Internet: Minimal and Dumb Phones

A cell phone without Internet access is the most economical option. Various smartphones are available on the market with valuable features that do not require internet access.

What is the best phone without internet access?

After carefully considering and analyzing customer reviews, we have compiled a list of the best phones without internet functionality in the market in 2024. Each phone on this list excels in a specific area while meeting user requirements and preferences.

1. WisePhone 2

smartphone without internet

A minimal phone without Internet access that can only make calls and send texts. It includes apps such as Calculator, Camera, Clock, Maps, Secure Messaging, and Settings.

Wisephone II has parental controls, cell phone number blocking, location tracking, and Bluetooth support. Read Wise Phone 2 Review. Wisephone is currently available for just $399. You can also save $75 more if you purchase this phone from this link.

2. Light Phone II

Light Phone II is straightforward, making it one of the cell phones without an internet connection or a camera. It can make calls and send texts over the AT&T network. You can add several apps, including an alarm clock, a calculator, a simple music player, and a podcast tool.

The Light Phone 2 is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a simple smartphone that doesn’t have an internet connection. Making and receiving phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, and using the Light Phone II’s built-in Maps program are restricted activities on the device.

When fully charged, this phone’s battery life is impressive, lasting up to 3 days on standby and 6 hours of talk time.

It has 8GB of storage space and a 2.8-inch screen, making it perfect for watching videos and playing games. It features high-quality speakers and noise-cancelling features.

The purpose of helping this low-fi phone disconnect is admirable, but it falls short due to software limitations. With a slow keyboard and unevenly lit display, the hardware experience is as flawed as the idea. Read the full review of Light Phone II.

3. Gab phone

phones without internet access

Gabb offers several different devices! Gabb Phone is a product for children and teenagers—it does not include social media, games, or internet access. For under $100, you can give your children a taste of what a smartphone is all about without worrying about exposing them to the dangers of social media or the wider internet.

There is no internet, social media, or online gaming access. The phone operates on 4G LTE networks and has a payment plan. In addition to calling and texting features, it has a camera, calendar, calculator, and clock features. There is also a file manager and settings. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best smartphones without an internet connection.

You can make calls and send texts, and it has apps like Music, Radio, Video, Camera, Recording, Calendar, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, and Settings.

4. Pinwheels Smartphones

phone for teenager without internet

Pinwheels are for children. Pinwheels phones running PinwheelOS. On the Pinwheel device, your child can only use approved apps, text messaging, make/receive calls, Bluetooth, and more! Parents can also manage and control their child’s pinwheel device remotely.

You can choose your phone carrier and use other safety apps like Pinwheel.

5. Troomi Cell phone

touch screen phone without internet

Troomi has Samsung devices with custom operating systems that support specific apps. This phone supports Bluetooth, GPS services, and more!


Mobile phones without Internet capabilities offer a variety of benefits and meet specific user needs. Whether you’re a parent looking for a user-friendly smartphone for your kids and teens or an adventurer looking for a rugged phone, the options presented in this article provide excellent choices.

These phones prioritize simplicity, durability, and reliability, proving that staying connected doesn’t mean you’ll always be online. Choose the best smartphone without internet capability that suits your needs and enjoy freedom from the digital world while staying connected to the people who matter most.


Do you have a phone that can’t access the internet?

Yes! There are still non-internet mobile phones on the market, but the range and brands are minimal. Cell phones without Internet access often operate with minimal functionality compared to modern smartphones.

Simple and basic technology makes these phones excellent products for both old and young people. The phone offers a camera, music, radio, and Bluetooth connectivity features. Finding a simple telephone in the civilized world is rare but possible.

Using a mobile phone without internet access offers many advantages. This phone is designed to make life as simple and convenient as possible, whether at work or on the go. As a result, it is an ideal choice for older people, but people at work and children can also use it.

Various Internet companies and marketplaces sell basic phones, and surprisingly, they are still desirable devices for specific consumers.

Why do people use dumb phones?

People use dumb phones because they don’t do much on a single charge and last longer. It also costs much less. Dumb phones are a good choice for most people who don’t always need internet service.

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