Best Garmin Watches for Hunting

Best Garmin Watches for Hunting

If you are looking for watches for Hunting, you have come to the right place. This article will help you choose the best Garmin watches for hunting in 2024.

Why are Garmin Watches Best for Hunting?

Garmin has been one of the most popular outdoor watch brands. For a few years, they have released more and more GPS watches; some other reasons make Garmin watches perfect for Hunting:

1. Text message without phone

When you go on a hunting trip alone, you’ll soon find that you’ll be resting at a wooden kiosk, checking your emails, text messages, and phone notifications. The Garmin hunting Smartwatch has all the smart notifications you need for outdoor activities.

The best Smartwatch for Hunting can help you follow group chats without putting your smartphone deep in your pocket. Besides, phone messages distract a lot while hunting. Best Hunting watch forward reminder with quiet vibration on your wrist.

2. Mapping

The Garmin watch can handle the job if you want to save your location while hunting. A good Garmin GPS hunt watch can store coordinates (longitude and latitude) to help during mapping review. After a long hunting day, most hunters look at stored coordinates. With the Garmin GPS hunting watch, you can quickly press a button to save the hunter’s position and move on to the next one.

3. GPS tracking

You can use your phone’s GPS to track your location while hunting. Garmin excels at producing handheld GPS devices and integrating built-in GPS into rugged hunting watches. Garmin is the best hunting watch for tracking and marking your route in the deer forest.

If you want to go rabbit hunting with your dog, you must track it. You won’t enjoy having to keep an eye on your dog constantly. With a Garmin hunting GPS watch, look down at the watch to see where your dog is heading.

4. Weather forecast and updates

Garmin Fenix watches have hourly, daily, and weekly weather forecasts and is generally prepared for adverse weather as cold temperatures drop. Instead of focusing on beating the wild, don’t spend more time guessing the weather or texting.

5. Time of the sun and moon

There is no need for a phone or watch to tell you when the sun rises or sets. In some states listed in the USA – (New York), the legal shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset, and if you want to hunt animals, do it within that period.

Some animals come out at sunrise and sunset. Doing this before dawn and a few minutes after sunset (e.g….., 30 minutes) will allow you to hunt these animals successfully.

Garmin watches allow you to set an alarm 15 minutes before sunrise and 15 minutes before sunset. So, setting the alarm before this year and month will help with deer hunting. This also enables you to stay within your programmed hunting times.

6. Hunting and Fishing Time

Weather, barometric pressure, and lunar phases are important information that guide outdoor Hunting. Hunting and Fishing time also helps to tell you the best time for Hunting and fishing (morning and evening) using its reliable algorithms and measurements.

7. Altimeter Barometer and Compass

Carrying all these sensors conveniently is inconvenient, except that you don’t cross borders with a handheld compass in the woods at times when you should be holding a hunting gun. A Garmin watch with all these sensors already built in is enough. The onboard compass will provide detailed directions and basic bearings.

The barometer helps you read changes in pressure and alerts you when bad weather or storms are coming within hours. According to reports, air pressure affects the movement of deer. At pressures above 30.00 inches, the deer will come out of hiding, and it’s the perfect time to hunt.

If you like mountain hunting, you’ll want to know how much you’ve climbed—the Garmin Altimeter GPS watch lets you know your tour altitude anytime.

8. Seamless outdoor charging

Except when you rely on solar-powered phones, your smartphone’s battery drains faster. The Garmin is the best solar Hunting watch you want to own.

What are the best Garmin Watches for Hunting?

To make picking the right one easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5+ best Garmin watch models for Hunters now available in the market.

1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

There’s no better choice than a watch from the American GPS magnate Garmin for the perfect outdoor and survival watch. Along with the worthy location tracking that comes with every watch, it offers various features for various sports and activities. Most of them are also applicable to Hunting.

The Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro Solar watch has been privileged to take first place in the list of the best Garmin hunting watches due to the widest range of applications available for outdoor products. The watch uses three navigation systems, GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO, to contribute to the most accurate positioning currently available in wearables.

The watch with altimeter, barometer, and compass allows you to track your height and predict weather events. Perhaps the most important feature for hunters using this watch is the topographic map, which provides a detailed overview of the surrounding environment. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar place, you can use the navigation option that takes you back to your starting point, avoiding getting lost in the unknown.

In addition to its countless features, the Garmin hunting watch is solar-powered, allowing you to wear it for an additional two days in smartwatch mode, extended from 15 to 16 days when using solar energy, and in GPS mode, 38 to 40 hours compared to the non-solar model.

Garmin watches are also great wearables for wearers who engage in activities other than Hunting. So, an application that helps surfers catch the perfect wave, an application that allows backcountry skiers to stay up to date with over 2,000 ski maps, and an application that enables mountain bikers to get dynamic bike metrics. You can find the application.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar

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  • Great quality of GPS mode
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Compass
  • Water resistance 100m
  • Amazing location tracking.


  • A bit expensive.

2. Garmin Fēnix 5X Plus

This Garmin outdoor watch is the second most expensive on this list. This MSRP watch is the perfect watch for your outdoor companion on your wrist for your hunting adventures if you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars. This Garmin Fenix 5x hunting watch is the ultimate multisport GPS watch that estimates your heart rate from your wrist regarding wellness.

Robust yet costly, the Garmin Fenix 5 is a premium GPS watch for Hunting, featuring a wrist-based Pulse Ox adaptive sensor that is very useful when going to higher altitudes in the mountains. This unmatched Garmin outdoor watch helps you estimate oxygen saturation when climbing mountains.

When considering durability, the build quality of this Smartwatch lies in its sturdy design, which comes with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, a stainless steel (diamond-like carbon (DLC) titanium) bezel, and a strong back case. Another hunting tool on this watch is the full-color TOPO map for tracking deer and exploring uncharted deer areas.

With altimeter, barometer, and compass sensor functions, this watch is ready to venture on unbeatable paths while catching bunting outdoors. The Fenix 5 is the best Smartwatch for military Hunting with MSRP function. This GPS watch also stores and plays songs. Like the ultimate Smartwatch for music lovers, this premium hunting watch is a great entertainment gadget for solo Hunting.

With this Smartwatch, you can rock and listen to your favorite music while climbing the mountain. With a storage capacity of around 500 songs and playback with Bluetooth headphones, the Fenix 5 is the ultimate Smartwatch for hunting with music for complete entertainment.

The best thing about this Garmin watch is that multiple GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite reception networks are combined to help you locate and track hounds and deer in more challenging environments. The battery life of this GPS-hunting Smartwatch is impressive: up to 22 days in smartwatch mode and up to 14 hours with music. For me, this rugged Garmin Fenix 5x hunting watch is the best barometer for deer hunting.

Garmin Fēnix 5X Plus

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  • The watch comes with an altimeter, compass, and barometer
  • Multi-network navigation
  • Full-color TOPO mapping
  • Wrist-based heart rate
  • Connect with the online fitness community.


  • No money-back guarantee.

3. Garmin Vivoactive 3

If you’re shopping on a budget, don’t worry. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 doesn’t include all the premium features available on Instinct, but it still offers a good quality-price ratio. The Vivoactive is designed as a watch for runners, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be suitable for hunting trips. Don’t forget that the most important feature, GPS, is also available on this model.

The Vivoactive 3 is made from durable materials that will withstand a lot of resistance and be easy to clean after all-day Hunting. The watch case is made of stainless steel and plastic, and the band is silicone. For robust dial protection, the watch uses Corning Gorilla Glass, renowned for its scratch-resistant quality. The Smartwatch has several color variants, including black, white, and gray.

This model gives you up to 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps, including running, yoga, swimming, and more. You can choose from thousands of free Smartwatch watch faces when you log in to Garmin’s Connect IQ store.

One feature that Vivoactive 3 boasts is that Instinct can use it as a payment gateway. Garmin Pay technology lets you use the watch as a wrist wallet to pay for refreshments after the hunt. This model has a few useful extras, such as a heart rate monitor, like the Garmin Instinct. Vivoactive also uses a stress measurement tool based on heart rate variability (HRV).

Of course, the Smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Turn on all the notifications you need to track what’s happening in the real world and spend your day in the wilderness. As for battery life, it’s not as good as my choice. With normal use, you can expect Vivoactive 3 to run for seven days (twice the short instinct).

When GPS mode is enabled, the watch must provide service for 13 consecutive 2 hours. The water resistance of the Vivoactive 3 is also weak at a depth of 50 m.

Garmin Vivoactive 3

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  • Budget Garmin watch for hunting lovers
  • Up to 15 preloaded GPS
  • Heart Rate variability (HRV)
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android.


Weak water resistance 50m.

4. Garmin Fenix ​​6X Pro Solar

The premium product with the most features available today is a good choice. And looking at all the watches Garmin has ever produced, the Fenix ​​6X Pro seems to tick the box. The Solar Pro version of the watch is described here. This model’s internal lithium battery is solar-powered. It’s still not uncommon for smartwatches to be solar-powered; if so, it’s not unusual for battery life to be quite poor.

It doesn’t seem to be the case with the Fenix ​​6X Solar Pro. Compared to my selection on this list, I can use it for almost a week or more without charging. Exposing your watch to at least 3 hours of sunlight daily will give you an additional three days of use. On the other hand, if you turn on GPS mode while hunting, the watch will run for about 15 hours without exposure to light.

You can expect the same extra hours of work on solar charging with impressive results from the Garmin Instinct. Must be provided for Fenix ​​6X models. It has a much more refined appearance than the two previously chosen ones. It is equally robust, but the watch body is made of titanium instead of silicone or plastic. This model has other design variants, including stainless steel and diamond-like carbon coatings.

If you are familiar with the Garmin Fenix ​​series, you will immediately notice that this watch has a much larger screen. Compared to the previous Fenix ​​model, the 1.4-inch display is about 35% larger. The dial window is made of Garmin-exclusive Power Glass, a further upgrade to the minmustd Corning Gorilla dials used in the previous two watches.

We agree that GPS is probably the most needed feature of a hunting watch, so we have to accept that this model uses the same navigation features as the best product on this list. The chances of getting lost in the bushes are close to zero thanks to the combination of GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems. Like the Garmin Instinct, this model has a built-in altimeter, barometer, and compass.

As an added perk, it comes with a preloaded TOPO map, making it a great watch choice for hiking enthusiasts. This watch uses an advanced heart rate measurement technology called Pulse OX. It is accurate and helps manage proper sleep quality and altitude adaptadoing tion at high altitudes. Another premium feature worth mentioning here is pace. This allows you to receive grading pace guidance while Hunting or other physical activities.

The Fenix ​​6X model comes with Garmin Pay, missing from the top pick. Other neat features include music storage and streaming. As with the previous two smartwatches, this Smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS. Naturally, you can activate all your smart notifications so you don’t get distracted while standing on a wooden stand most of the day.

The list of all the features of the Fenix ​​6X is too long to go on all day, but I think I’ve listed only the most essential. There is no doubt that this watch is as feature-rich as it was released. Quality, durability, and stylish appearance are also unquestioned. There’s a reason it’s one of the most expensive and highly rated Garmin smartwatches for Hunting. I wonder if you can afford to pay that much for a sports watch.

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

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  • Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS data
  • The most feature-rich Smartwatch on the list
  • Altimeter, barometer, and compass
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS.


  • It’s the most expensive watch.

5. Garmin Tactix Bravo

Garmin has released several rugged watches for hunters, but we have never had a problem choosing the best watch in terms of quality-price ratio. Garmin Instinct has everything you can ask for in a hunting watch. This Garmin smartwatch is one of the most durable watches an American company produces.

An anti-reflective, knurled, black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated stainless steel EXO antennas provide improved abrasion and rust resistance. This premium GPS watch is built with high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS navigation for positioning, routing, and route finding.

The absolute advantage of GPS is tracking deer in the forest. If you want to hunt deer in the right season and at the perfect time, an amazing watch like this is ideal for tracking deer in unfamiliar terrain. It’s almost the best GPS watch for deer hunting. Another tactical tool on this hunter’s watch is the ABC sensor for tracking outdoor adventures and expeditions. Bravo is one of the best ABC (altimeter, barometer, and compass) watches for Hunting and hiking.

These Garmin outdoor watch features keep you fully prepared for outdoor adventures. The Garmin Bravo is great for Hunting and fishing. With a 100m depth rating, this waterproof watch can withstand splashes and showers, making it a great Garmin GPS watch for Hunting and fishing.

Hunters sometimes hunt at night and have a completely different experience. If you want to use night vision goggles, this GPS hunting watch is compatible with night vision goggles. Turn on night vision mode and adjust the brightness of the backlight glow light for clear visibility. Hunting with a night vision-compatible watch eliminates the need to take off your goggles before reading the time.

The Tactix Garmin outdoor watch has an interchangeable three-ring nylon strap for a comfortable fit. The protective stainless steel bezel and buttons make this GPS watch undoubtedly rugged, even in the toughest outdoor weather conditions. This GPS hunting watch has up to 3 weeks of battery life in smartwatch mode. If you run GPS while hunting deer, the battery life is 22 hours. However, the UltraTrac battery saver mode keeps the battery life at 48 hours.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices because we all know how attractive Hunting can be.  The Instinct offers great value for money, so we list it as the best Garmin GPS watch for Hunting.

Garmin Tactix Bravo

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  • High-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS positioning
  • It uses signals from 3 different satellite networks.
  • Special Compatible with night goggles
  • Water rating 100 meters waterproof, suitable for swimming
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android devices.


  • It could be better.

Best Hunting Garmin Watches 2024 buyer’s guide?

When creating the list of products above, considering the specifics of Hunting, we prioritized a few specific features. Whether you’re talking about Garmin watches or not, there are a few characteristics that a product must possess to work well as a hunting watch. HerHuntingare:


Hunting, like any other sporting activity, increases your risk of damage to your watch. Scratching the dial from tree branches while waiting for the buck to appear is a real possibility. A good quality glass window will help prwhichyour screen. When purchasing, look for watches with mineral crystal, power glass, or gorilla glass. The safest option is sapphire crystal, but it isn’t a popular choice for Garmin products.

The robustness of the dial is important, but so is the watch’s body. If you plan to use your watch frequently while hunting, make sure that the case and band are also made of durable materials. The stainless steel, titanium, and silicon bodies should not disappoint. Besides being hard to beat, cleaning is also a breeze.

Since you will be in the wilderness, you cannot be 100% sure of the weather conditions. Therefore, a suitable hunting watch must be water-resistant to a depth of 50 m or more.

2. Appropriate appearance

What good is a watch in the wild if it can distract animals with reflections and flashy colors? Therefore, a competent hunter’s watch should be offered in a darker charm or camouflage color to avoid unwanted attention.

3. GPS function

All Garmin hunting watches on this list have built-in GPS. Garmin Fēnix 5X, Garmin Instinct, Fenix ​​6X, and Fenix ​​6X pro-solar use navigation data from three satellite networks: GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. If you can’t afford a Garmin GPS watch on this list, make sure the one you buy has at least a compass and an altimeter. This also minimizes the risk of getting lost.

4. Battery life

Smartwatches don’t last as long as regular watches. Still, you need to make sure your watch can keep you company at least all day long. Consider a watch with at least 10 hours of battery life in GPS mode.

Conclusion-Garmin Hunting Watches

We hope this overview of the best Garmin hunting watches has helped you choose the right watch for your hobby. As we’ve seen with the watches covered above, capable wearables for such strenuous activities don’t cost much. But choosing a watch that best meets your needs is important.

In the comments section below, let us know which Garmin GPS hunting watch you chose! Also, if some points are not covered in this article, fire them. Let’s exchange!

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