Best Liquid Screen Protector 2022

There have been recent rumors of the introduction of liquid glass protectors for smart touch devices, and with claims that these Liquid protectors are much better than tempered glass, we have to see if the claims are true.

iPhone, iPad, and smartwatch owners are not excluded from this dilemma as they are among the most sensitive groups to screen protection issues. Of course, you would prefer the $10 to $25 loss screensaver. Then pulling out a hundred-dollar bill to replace a broken screen.

That’s why we’ve compiled the list of best Liquid screen protectors with review to serve as a moving guide when considering liquid screensavers.

Some of these liquid screen protectors are a liquid solution applied to the glass cover, while others are made of a film or other material that applies the liquid.

The liquid screen protectors we introduced have been extensively reviewed and used in real-world situations, so they can be trusted as a proven solution. Before we go let’s know the basic things about the liquid screens.

Best Liquid Screen Protector 2022

What is a Liquid screen protector?

Liquid screen protectors are liquid glass. The basic compound used in all liquid crystal protection films we come across is silicon dioxide.

As for the LCD screen protector manufacturers, the glass of smartphones gets rougher to a microscopic level over time.

New smartphones have a coating that wears out over time. Most coatings only last a few months. When you apply liquid crystal glass, it smooths out the rough parts that are created while using the smartphone screen.

From what we can collect, liquid screensavers are approx. It’s 100 nanometers thick, so it doesn’t add any noticeable thickness to the device.

All of the products they used had liquid screen protectors in the form of wet wipes. The Whoosh Diamond Defense product didn’t feel any different than the alcohol wipes it contained. Let’s know the benefits of liquid screen protectors.

What are the advantages of liquid screen protectors?

1. Scratch resistance

There are many reasons to buy a screensaver. Because even if your device’s screen is cracked, replacing or repairing it isn’t a cheap job.

First, this protector adds scratch resistance to the device of your choice because it adds another layer of support on top of the current screen.

The new scratches are on the new glass that protects the screen of the original device and there are no scratches.

2. Invisible

You might be concerned that adding an extra layer of liquid glass to your device will ruin the look, but thankfully, the liquid screensaver is almost invisible.

You can hardly recognize that they exist unless you tell someone or apply them properly. It’s 100% light-transmissive, so it doesn’t affect your screen resolution, brightness, or color, so you can continue to use your device as before.

It may require a delicate touch to apply the screen protector, but it creates a smooth, bubble-free finish. It’s simple to apply, but you’ll want to recognize that it doesn’t create bumps in the texture.

3. Responsive

When you’re trying to use your device, nothing is more annoying than the screen not responding to your actions. The screen saver is another layer on top of the screen, but it doesn’t affect the responsiveness of your phone.

The material is so sensitive that every tap and touch can be recognized thanks to the smooth material.

So now it’s time to the list of top best Liquid screen protectors of 2022 with a warranty.

best liquid screen protector for

Top Best Liquid Screen Protector you should buy in 2022

1. Cellhelmet Liquid Glass Screen Protector-Best for Android and iPhones

Cellhelmet liquid glass screen protectors are simple to apply, specially engineered liquid glass that strengthens the screens of smart devices to the molecular level. This screensaver is universal and can be used on virtually any touch screen device.

cellhelmet Liquid Glass is a nano-coating that is 500 times thinner than human hair and invisible to the naked eye. Works with all cases and accessories.

Simply wipe, dry, and remove the buff. It then hardens in the glass over the next 24 hours, making it stronger at the molecular level.

The universal Cellhelmet Liquid Glass Screen Protector is compatible with all tablets and phones with a glass display, including Apple iPad (all generations), Galaxy Tablets, Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SX Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPhone SE2, Samsung Galaxy S10, and S10 Plus also works with 20, 20 Plus, S20 Ultra, S10e, Note 10, Note 10+, S10+, Google Pixel, LG ThinQ and all other devices with a glass screen.

Cellhelmet Liquid universal Glass Screen Protector

2. Luvvitt $750 Screen Protector-Best for Samsung S21 ultra

The Luvvitt product is a special liquid screensaver that offers $750 screen protection coverage. This means that under certain conditions the device screen is covered under warranty, which can reach $750. So I can say this is the best liquid screen protector with a warranty.

This is the best durable liquid screen protector for S21 ultra with a fully transparent liquid screen glass protective film that adheres to the glass of your device and significantly improves scratch, moisture, and impact resistance.

Creates an invisible protective coating that increases the device’s screen to 9H hardness. It is essentially made of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is a fine glass particle suspended in a liquid solution.

Fill in the blemishes on the screen and add glass. Easy and bubble-free application with a universal fit. Ideal for curved screens and tablets.

A simple, easy-to-clean DIY. Once applied, it is completely harmless and invisible. 80% reduction in radiation.

Luvvitt $750 Screen protector is compatible with Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, X, XR, XS Max, 6.7, 8, all iPad versions. All Samsung Galaxy S series and Note like S9, S10, S20, and Note 10.

Excellent for curved screens and foldable screens. It does not affect the fingerprint sensor. Packaging may vary.

Luvvitt $750 Screen Protector

3. Luvvitt Liquid Glass Screen Protector for all phones tablets watches-Best for Apple Products

This crystal view liquid glass universal screen protector is compatible with all mobile devices including phones, tablets, watches, and other devices with glass screens.

Screen protection is included in 250, 500, and 750 USD coverage levels, depending on your choice. Liquid Glass Screen Protector is a highly durable, fully transparent, state-of-the-art liquid coating that adheres to the glass of your Apple Watch, greatly improving its resistance to scratches, moisture, and impact.

Creates an invisible protective coating that raises the screen to 9H hardness. Crystal View is a unique formulation of Luvvitt Liquid Glass specifically designed to repair and improve the oleophobic coating on the Apple Watch to provide a smooth surface that is less prone to fingerprints and smudges.

Very easy to apply. Clean, apply, buff and move. Once applied, it is completely harmless and invisible.

Luvvitt Liquid Glass is compatible with all Apple Watch series (Series 6, Series 5, Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, and Series 1) and other smartwatches, and smartphones.

Luvvitt Apple Watch Liquid Glass

4. ClearView Liquid Screensaver-Besf for All Tablets

CLEARVIEW Liquid Screen Protector is a state-of-the-art, ultra-durable, fully transparent screen coating that adheres to the device’s glass for significantly improved scratch, moisture, and impact resistance.

It is essentially made of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is a fine glass particle suspended in a liquid solution. Completely harmless and invisible after one application as an easy-to-clean DIY application, Liquid Glass fills in blemishes on your screen and adds an extra layer of glass.

It is very resistant to scratches and shattering and increases the strength of the glass to 9h hardness. Applicable to up to 6 devices. Fill in the blemishes on the screen and add glass.

It does not interfere with the fingerprint sensor. It can be applied over the camera and front speakers on the glass. No damage to any device. It’s completely harmless.

The ClearView Liquid Screensaver is compatible with all smartphones, tablets, and watches. Excellent for curved screens and foldable screens. It does not affect the fingerprint sensor.

Liquid glass screen protectors are intended to protect your device screen from common scratches that can occur with regular use. It doesn’t make the screen completely cracked or scratched.

ClearView Liquid Screensaver


Having now exhausted our list, we can only assure all readers trusting this article for guidance that all the listed products are described as proven and as verified. So be sure to choose any of the above products that suit your device.


Do liquid screen protectors worth it?

We recommend using a screen protector only if you want maximum protection for your iPhone. We do not suggest liquid screen protectors as standalone products to protect your smartphone. Not full yet.

The oleophobic coating doesn’t show up. Liquid screensavers don’t add any noticeable scratch resistance. It also does not fill cracks or blemishes. But it adds to the shock protection of the smartphone.

The biggest disadvantage of screen protectors is that once they are damaged, they cannot be removed. Ordinary screen protectors, whether plastic or glass, can easily get another protective film if damaged.

Unlike liquid screensavers, scratches are permanent and cracked screens are permanent. Once damaged, you are attached to it.

If you need the best screen protection, adding a liquid screen saver to your smartphone before adding a regular plastic/glass screen saver will be the toughest non-plastic screen saver setup you can get on a smartphone. But at the end of the day, you still have to watch out for glass and glass breakage.

We are not against the use of liquid screensavers for tablets. From our point of view, we think we treat tablets a little better than smartphones because we don’t use them much on the go. I think we’ve accepted the fact that smartphones will suffer much more wear and tear than tablets. So it was great to be able to facelift the iPad screen. Again, the screen feels like new.

The same goes for smartwatches. Screensavers for smartwatches are out of luck because they make our devices look cheap or are hellishly baggy. However, adding a liquid screen protector to your watch adds a bit of protection to your device. It will still scratch and scratch over time.

There is one advantage we haven’t talked about, and that’s the price. This screensaver costs around $15 to $25 and the good thing is that it can be used for multiple devices.

One package is available for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch. The liquid screen protector we applied for the impact test was the 4th we used wipes. The mileage for this small package is quite high.

How long will the protection last?

The protection lasts up to two years, depending on how the device is used. We recommend reapplying the screen protector annually or following the recommended reapplication stated on the box itself to ensure full protection.

How to remove Liquid screen protectors?

Nanofixit/liquid screen protectors should not be removed again, as it is improved by default being part of the original screen. Treatment of the phone with Nanofixit causes the phone to stick to the surface through the Van Der Waals effect.

This means that quantum forces attract molecules to the substrate layer of the original glass and mix them. The coating is only 200-500 (0.0004 mm) nanometers thick and is completely invisible.

Eventually, it will wear out after about two years. To clean, use nail polish remover and a cotton swab to rub the screen for about two minutes, then wipe with alcohol.

What happens if I use the product for 1-2 years? Does the product peel off?

The product remains on the screen, is not visible, has no air bubbles, and does not peel off. We recommend that you clean your phone and reapply the product annually.

Will the screen protector break the loudspeaker on my phone or tablet?

No. If you follow the instructions and apply the correct amount to your phone, it won’t interfere with or damage your loudspeakers. However, do not pour or apply any liquid directly onto the loudspeaker.

Do liquid screen protectors add scratch resistance to your device?

Technically, liquid screen protectors add another layer of glass to the top of your smartphone screen, so you need to add scratch resistance. However, this layer is only 15-30 thick and is just glass. With that in mind, we’re just scratching new glass on top of old glass, so I’m not sure how to measure the additional scratch resistance.

Can I use a regular screen protector over the screen protector?

Yes. The screen protector is just the glass on the screen of your smartphone. There’s no reason why you can’t add another layer of glass to your screen. Or plastic, depending on the type of protection you want.

What does 9H hardness mean?

9H on the Mohs scale means that it is as hard as a diamond with a surface of 10H. Our nano-liquid-coated screen was tested by the Philippine Ministry of Science and Technology, and as a result, it was more than 9H. These results were later confirmed by SGS (the world’s leading inspection, validation, testing, and certification company).

Is the Nanofixit liquid screen protector harder than Gorilla Glass?

Nanofixit is certified to be 9H Mohs hardness while Gorilla Glass is reported to be around 7H. However, the manufacturers of Gorilla Glass use different scales to measure hardness, making comparisons difficult.

How well do liquid screen protectors work with waterproof cases?

Liquid screensavers are the only type of screensaver that works well with any waterproof case because they don’t add thickness to your device. From our point of view, it works with any waterproof case.

Those companies will tell you not to protect your phone in a waterproof case. However, if you are someone who swaps out a regular case and a waterproof case, a liquid screen protector might be worth the investment.

Can I use Nanofixit liquid screen protection with any smartphone or tablet?

Nanofixit liquid screen protection is specifically designed for glass screens. Some phones/tablets have screens made of plastic or a mixture of plastic and glass, and the product is not effective on these surfaces.

If you are not sure if Nanofixit Titanium will work on your phone, you can check if your phone is glass or plastic. Tap the screen with your front teeth. You can hear and feel whether the screen is soft or hard, plastic or glass.

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