Bulova brand Watches Review- 10+ Best Watches for Men and Women

Bulova brand Watches Review- 10+ Best Watches for Men and Women

Bulova makes aesthetically pleasing watches at very reasonable prices. Their diverse collections range from sporty diving and pilot watches to sophisticated gold and Swarovski-covered watches.

Bulova Watches Review

Bulova was founded in 1875 and is one of the world’s oldest-lasting watch brands. Acquired by Citizen in 2007, the brand is recognized worldwide as one that fits everyone’s budget, no matter what they want.

Bulova Watches Review

1. Quality

Regarding the quality of Bulova watches, many watch enthusiasts prefer the brand over other low-cost Japanese watches such as Timex and Fossil. However, other watch collectors disagree that Bulova watches are high quality and consider them average at best, but it depends on the watches they are comparing directly.

2. Movement

Most watch collectors who own Bulova watches agree that this brand has made perfect watches over the years. The Accutron line with many Gemini models using the ETA 2892-A2 movement.

Many owners of the Bulova like the brand for its exciting technologies, such as the Precisionist movement, a very high-accuracy quartz movement known as an automatic-like sweeping hand movement.

However, there are watch enthusiasts who think the movement needs some improvement. The ETA 2824 movement is widespread for low-end Swiss watches.

Where are Bulova watches made?

Bulova’s international diversity inevitably raises questions about the watch’s origins. Bulova is an American watch company, but wristwatches are made in Japan, Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

Depending on the budget and model requirements, Bulova orders watches from factories that can produce them at a given cost.

Best budget Bulova Watches

Luxury watches such as Accu-Swiss are manufactured in Switzerland and include movement, case, and final assembly. Medium-sized watches, such as the Bulova brand watches, are imported from Japan, while the cheaper Caravelle watches are from a Hong Kong factory.

Meanwhile, product development is being carried out at its headquarters in New York and Friborg, Switzerland. The latter was recently acquired to strengthen its global position while retaining the virtues of its name.

How much is a Bulova watch?

According to Bulova, these watches come with gorgeous charm and very decent quality; the price of the Bulova watch is more than just a charm.

For example, a simple and classic Bulova watch costs around $100-$150. Neither, but a significant part of the Harley-Davidson collection is engraved with world-renowned names and is rather fashion-oriented. Prices are pretty much the same.

Quartz has a chronograph function and a cheaper automatic between $250 and $400. Add a skull shape and a little visual flair, and they range in value from $400 to $500.

Bulova watches are available to a wide range of buyers at a convenient price between $50-$1000.

So, are Bulova watches good?

Are Bulova watches excellent and worth buying? Yes, they are great and worthwhile investments. Why?

Throughout history, the brand has produced accurate and quality watches. Diverse partnerships with requirements where precision is essential are achieved through continuous effort, not by chance.

And given the value of a Bulova watch, which has undergone numerous innovations and warranties, buyers will receive the perfect price-quality ratio that few can match.

Are Bulova watches good?

Despite the lack of high-end movements, except for the precise quartz, it is highly regarded as an aesthetically pleasing watch that is accurate and reliable.

The ornate and detailed dial is a common feature of wristwatches, and vintage replicas have a similar effect. Therefore, Bulova can be regarded as one of the best watch brands selling cheap watches.

List of Best Bulova men’s watches

1. Bulova Precisionist Chronograph Men’s Watch

The first Bulova men’s watch on our list is unique because it is adorned with 308 Swarovski crystals to give it a rich look. Diamond-like crystals are placed throughout the watch on the dial, bracelet, and bezel.

In addition, the gold-plated case of the watch is multi-layered, adding to the richness of the watch. However, if you don’t like the gold-plated version of this watch, you can also purchase another version, which is available in black, silver, and rose-coloured two-tone options.

Whichever variant you choose, the watch will look great and attract attention. Besides the attractive design, the watch works well and always shows the correct time thanks to the quartz movement.

In addition to the time, the watch has a separate sub-dial, displaying the day and date. Overall, if you’re the kind of person who always wants a centre of attraction and doesn’t mind a bit of show-off, then this watch might be for you.

2. Men’s small wristwatch

The 98C123 by Bulova is a cheap men’s watch for men with smaller wrist sizes. With a dial size of 40mm, this watch is perfect for men who have trouble wearing watches with oversized dials. However, being small does not mean the watch is smaller than other men’s watches. It looks good, and the budget is tight.

You can enjoy the luxury of a Bulova watch at the budgeted price without paying a premium price. Moreover, the six hands are equipped with multi-functions, making it a unique watch.

Of the six hands, three hands are the regular hands that can display time on all watches, while the remaining three hands are used for specific purposes, such as showing the hour, day of the week, and date.

Besides, the watch is well made and can be used for a long time if properly cared for. The watch is also waterproof so that you can take it to the pool. So it was the perfect deal for the man looking for a good Bulova watch at an affordable price.

3. Accurate Bulova Watch 98C134

This is the most accurate Bulova watch, which operates on a Japanese quartz movement and is known for its precise timekeeping. Also, Japanese quartz movement watches are generally considered more accurate than regular ones.

In addition to displaying the exact time, the chronograph function can measure the time elapsed during an event. You can also use the tachymeter function to measure the speed of a car, runner, or aeroplane over a fixed distance.

So basically, you can use this chronograph tachymeter watch as a regular wristwatch, stopwatch, and speed gun (fixed distance only).

The watch is also built like a G-Shock, so it’s sturdy and waterproof enough to worry-free swim and all types of water sports like surfing, snorkelling, and more.

So overall, if you want to buy the most durable and accurate Bulova men’s watch, this is a perfect choice.

4. Bulova Classic Men’s Watch

This Bulova men’s vintage watch is the perfect gift for men who are fans of classic watches. With its gold-tone case, white dial, and black alligator-embossed leather band, the watch is a delight to look at.

The watch’s look is to go well with any dress and enhance your style. The slim profile also makes it a comfortable watch that can be worn 24 hours a day without feeling anything on your wrist.

It also uses a quartz movement, known for its precise timekeeping, so it always shows the correct time. With a dial size of 41mm, this watch suits men with small to medium wrists but not those with large hands.

In terms of durability, the watch is made of stainless steel and can be considered durable. However, the dial window of the watch is not very durable and is prone to scratches, so it is essential to take good care of it.

It’s also not completely waterproof, so you can’t swim or bathe, but it can withstand a few water splashes. Still, it’s a great classic dress watch for special occasions.

5. Bulova Classic Automatic Men’s 96A247

Automatic watches are a special kind of watch that does not run on batteries because they use the movement of your hands to generate power.

Just put it on your wrist, and the watch will start ticking. Although this watch is not as accurate as a quartz movement watch, it is still on every collector’s bucket list due to its intricate design.

This watch is not just a self-winding watch. It has a skeleton watch with a double transparent window on the dial and a case on the back where you can see how the gears move when you look inside the watch clock.

However, if you want to buy an Automatic Watch window to wind your automatic watches, that will be a significant investment.

The skeleton dial of the watch gives it a unique look that sets it apart from the crowd. The dial size of the watch is 43mm, which is suitable for most men.

If you’re too bored with the mundane and want to buy a wristwatch that looks different from others, you should buy this Bulova watch.

Bulova women’s watches

6. Bulova Women’s Automatic Watch

Next, there are auto-mechanical women’s watches that operate automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Also, since it’s an automatic watch, it doesn’t require batteries and only works by moving your hands. In addition to that, there is a small transparent window on the dial where you can see the gear movement inside the watch.

In addition to the front dial, the watch’s back case has a skeleton window that lets you glimpse the watch’s moving parts.

Watch enthusiasts mainly buy these watches and collectors, but you can also buy them to look different from the crowd.

The watch is slightly thicker and more extensive than a regular women’s. Butwoman’s’re willing to try something new, it’s not a big deal.

Overall, this women’s automatic skeleton Bulova watch is perfect if you’re looking for something different.

7. Bulova Women’s Diamond Watch

It is not hidden from anyone how much women love jewelry, especially jewelry made of diamonds. So, on the following list are women’s diamond watches from Bulova.

It is not made of natural diamonds but looks like real diamonds. The watch is covered with 440 crystals that shine like diamonds, giving this watch a rich feel.

The best part is that it is the best budget Bulova women’s watch that costs under $200, but women seem to like this watch because it looks a lot more expensive than that.

Besides, the watch works well and shows the correct time thanks to the quartz movement. Plus, it’s slim, so it’s very comfortable to wear.

So, if you like glitter and are ready to get compliments, this watch should be your top priority because it looks cheap but expensive!

8. Bulova Classic Quartz Women’s Watch

One of this list’s best women’s watches is an affordable yet beautiful Bulova Classic Quartz women’s watch. You can get this watch for just under $150, which isn’t a bad deal for a brand like Bulova.

Also, the watch dial is designed with white mop diamonds, which can make it look much more beautiful than its original price.

In addition, it is light and small in size, so it is not uncomfortable to wear for a long time, so it is perfect for women who prefer to wear a watch 24 hours a day.

Made of stainless steel, it is durable and can easily handle everyday wear and tear. Also, this watch can withstand splashing water, so you can wash dishes while wearing it, but don’t take it for granted as you don’t use it very often in the water.

Nonetheless, for the price it comes with, there isn’t much to complain about this ladies’ watch, and you should give it a look, especially if your budget isn’t significant.

9. Women’s Bulova Bracelet Watch

Bracelet watches are generally more comfortable than watches with a regular band, so this watch from Bulova is perfect for women with smaller wrists.

Apart from that, the watch has a sleek, feminine design that makes it even more desirable for women of all ages.

Also, the watch’s two-tone colour is more like a jewel. In addition, the overall look and design of the watch are designed to match any dress.

However, you don’t have to buy it just for looks and comfort, as quartz movement powers it, and you can expect accurate timekeeping.

Overall, if you were looking for a women’s Bulova bracelet watch, few watches are better than this one. The watch’s silver and gold tones flawlessly match any dress and jewellery.

Best Vintage Bulova watches

10. Harley-Davidson Vintage B&S Chronograph Watch 76B186

When two iconic brands work together, the results can be significant. I want to argue that this Bulova chronograph is a successful example. These are two heritage companies that make American watches essentially.

Bulova applied Harley’s brand colors and the B&S logo to design a robust watch. And it is a heavy watch. I assume you think big bikes and riders need big watches.

This model comes in almost 47mm. This can be a problem for some people. But if you like chunky watches, this is an attractive product. The Harley branding is the first thing that comes to mind. The same goes for overlapping sub-dials. Then, you can start accepting the details.

It’s a busy design, but the dial isn’t cluttered. I’m not usually fan overly complex designs, but this works for me. What used to look messy with Harley Davidson input now looks mechanical.

11. Vintage Bulova Military

During World War II, numerous wristwatches were produced in the United States and supplied to the military. This includes today’s iconic Type A-11 model, often called “the watch that won the war” for its precision and accuracy.

Featuring a black dial, white numerals, a 10-minute minute track, a central second hand, and a manually-wound movement, the Type A-11 represents military specifications.

Three American watch companies, including Bulova, have contracted to make the A-11 watch. The vintage watch collection space has a large subset of collectors focused on military watches.

As a result, the military-issued Type A-11 model is a trendy vintage Bulova watch for collectibles. Bulova also made military watches for the general public in the 1940s.

12. Vintage Bulova Lone Eagle

Charles Lindbergh made history as the first aviator to complete a solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1927, winning the $25,000 Orteig and the $1,000 Bulova prizes.

Before the historic flight, Bulova gave Charles Lindbergh a Conqueror watch to wear when he set out on his journey. Legend has it that after Charles Lindbergh fulfilled his mission, Bulova sold 5,000 similar watches within a few days of landing.

A few months later, Bulova launched the Lone Eagle watch model to commemorate the feat of Charles Lindbergh. This watch was initially similar to the Conqueror but was renamed after the pilot’s famous nickname.

Each Lone Eagle watch came with prize money and a replica of a letter from Charles Lindbergh to Bulova to thank the company for the watch.

Bulova continued to manufacture a variety of Lone Eagle watches until the early 1940s. There are at least six known models with different variations.

Due to their connection to significant human achievements, these Lone Eagle models are now some of the most popular vintage Bulova watches to collect.

Best Bulova Accutron watches

13. Bulova Accutron 65B005

Aptly named Eagle Pilot, this black Bulova Accutron Eagle Pilot Men’s Automatic Watch 65B00 has a very masculine feel and is suitable for adventurous people.

The case and bracelet contribute to the stylish design and are made from the same material used to make the bezel and screw-down crown: black ion-plated stainless steel case and bracelet.

The black dial adds a darker colour to the watch, making the silver-tone hour marks and hands more vivid and legible.

Overall, this Automatic Eagle Pilot Bulova watch by Accutron is very comfortable. This is special for those who like dark colours with a combination of brown and black, and it is worth more than its price.

14. Bulova Accutron 65C110

The 65C110 belongs to the Bulova Accutron Amerigo collection, a range of classic-designed watches with a uniquely structured dial powered by a quartz movement.

This unique watch has a stainless steel case with a brushed finish. Similar to the bezel, the bracelet is also made of stainless steel but is duotone.

The display with the dial is made of scratch-resistant sapphire and lined with an anti-glare material.

In contrast to the black background of the dial, the rose gold-tone hands and the hour mark are visible. However, the most exciting feature on the watch face is the retrograde day display at midnight.

Other components include three chronograph sub-dials and a relatively large date indicator located at 6 o’clock.

Antique Bulova Watches

15. Antique Medallion Skull Dial 76A11

Harley-Davidson men’s Bulova watches 76A11. This watch features a silver-tone face and bracelet band for a sharp look. The face features the classic Willie G Skull logo with a ”Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” contour.

Classic analog hands and durable stainless steel make it an excellent choice for rugged elegance. Built to withstand any challenge, Bulova’s Harley-Davidson Timepieces reflect the uncompromising pursuit of excellence by two of America’s most honoured companies.

Drawing on over 200 years of outstanding craftsmanship, these proud American companies have joined forces to create a watch collection with the strength, style, and durability to live up to their names. A Harley-Davidson watch by Bulova.

Bulova has created an excellent collection of affordable watches bearing the Harley Davidson trademark and logo. This is one of my favourites, and I wear it often.

16. B&S Chronograph Watch 78B154

Harley-Davidson® Men’s Bulova watch, 78B154. The colours and logos of this new 12-hour chronograph in new sizes give it a vintage feel. The cream-colored dial features a recognizable H-D color on the sub-dial and a tachometer scale that measures speed.

The calendar function is set at 4 o’clock with the signature H-D chronograph seconds hand, luminous hands,s, and markers. Stainless steel case with black IP-plated top ring on black perforated leather strap.

Three-piece buckle closure. Waterproof up to 50m/165ft. Built to withstand any challenge, Bulova’s Harley-Davidson® timepieces reflect the uncompromising pursuit of excellence from two of America’s most honoured companies.

These proud American companies have joined forces to create a watch collection with the strength, style, and durability to live up to their names.

The most expensive Bulova watch

17. Bulova Archive Lunar Pilot Chronograph Watch 96B258

This watch is legendary. Bulova’s most famous creation holds a place in watchmaking history. One of these watches sold for over $1 million at auction!

It’s not because of innovation or groundbreaking design. This watch is famous for being one of the select groups to wear in space. What makes the story better is that it wasn’t intended there.

Dave Scott damaged his official Omega Speedmaster during a lunar mission during the 1971 Apollo 15 mission. During the next moonwalk, he wore a backup Bulova chronograph. It was a prototype he agreed to test for a friend.

The moon landing is the pinnacle of 20th-century American history, so Bulova remade Scott’s watch in quartz. And yes, it was his original that sold over a million!

This chunky 45mm watch is a very affordable remake. Much cheaper than Omega’s current version of the moon watch.

The style is identical to the watch Scott was wearing. It’s a quirky asymmetric case, extensive and easy to read. As you would expect from a military-style watch, the colours are simple and functional.

Let’s not forget that this watch is a tool used in space. It is not a fashion item. This is it if you’re looking for the most iconic Bulova watches.

This Bulova watch review is enough to show how iconic the brand is in watchmaking. We’ve come to trust this brand and believe you will, too.

You will find yourself without a choice from the most elegant analogs to the most refined clocks.

18. Bulova Sutton 96B310

The Sutton is another popular model featuring a 44mm diameter silver-tone stainless steel case. The dial is black with hour and minute markers and strikingly contrasting rose gold-tone accents on the hands.

A quartz movement with a 6-stitch chronograph, calendar big date, hours, minutes, and seconds powers it.

The watch is covered with domed mineral crystals and is water-resistant to 30 meters. Overall, this luxury watch is excellent for those who love rain, swimming, and the winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bulova watches made in the USA?

Although Bulova is an American brand, the watches are made in Japan, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

Is Bulova a luxury watch brand?

Bulova cannot be called a luxury watch brand, mainly because they make watches that sell between $100 and $800. However, all watches look luxurious and luxurious.

What is the most expensive BULOVA watch in history?

In 2015, Bulova launched the Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition 24K gold watch with a suggested retail price of $42,000. With only 32 pieces produced, it remains the most expensive Bulova watch in history.

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