Best Minimalist Phones

What Are the Best Minimalist Phones in 2024?

Minimal phones are known for non-distracting phones/smartphones, and they want to help users get their lives back. A minimalist telephone is a device that typically contains no distractions such as apps, games, or even internet access. The main functions of the best minimalist phones are calling, texting, mapping, and listing.

The Best Minimalist Phones of 2024

best phone for minimalists

Let’s look at some of the best minimalist phones of 2024 to help you keep your daily usage to a minimum. We’ll cover non-smartphones, dumbphones, the simplest phones, and phones that fit the bill for the ultimate minimalist phone but still have advanced features.

1. Wisephone 2

This is a minimalist phone that helps you focus on essential things. Imagine having a phone that doesn’t disturb you with notifications or doesn’t track your location and keeps your data private. Add a minimalist design and a high-quality build, and you have the Wisephone II.

Designed and built by Techless, this beautiful phone offers a people-first vision focusing on essential features and mindful living. The WiseOS operating system and UI are intentionally simple and clean to provide a leisurely user experience.

Aside from not having any social media apps or app stores, the phone doesn’t have a browser, which helps significantly limit the time you spend (or rather waste) in the digital realm.

Calls, messages, and notes are all available, along with practical maps, a calculator, a clock, and an advanced camera suite. A 13MP camera on the front and three on the back take high-quality 64MP images.

It has 128GB of storage by default, but users can quickly expand the available space to 256GB using a microSD card. Because the Wisephone II has minimal features, its battery life is much longer, and it charges via the USB-C port soon.

Wisephone II is built to last with an aluminium body and premium glass. Techless sells this minimalist phone on a lifetime subscription or monthly plan.

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2. Punkt MP02

Punkt is a dumb phone designed for people who want a minimalist and efficient mobile experience. It’s a simple device that focuses primarily on calling and texting. Still, it also has various additional features that make it the best phone for minimalists and a solid choice for those who want a more basic phone.

The Punkt MP02 is a simple phone that allows you to use text messaging and calling functions rather than one or the other. On Punkt’s feature is crystal-clear audio. The phone has a minimalist hat that’s sleek and easy to navigate, making it an excellent choice for people who want a that’s easy to use.

The phone also has a 2-inch Gorilla Glass display that is sturdy enough to be considered a rugged phone, making it an excellent choice for those who want a phone that will last.

Another critical feature of Punkt is digital security, which many dumbphones lack. The phone has 4G LTE connectivity. This mit’sit’s compatible with Signal, a popular messaging app known for its strong encryption.

Additionally, the phone is multi-compatible so that you can use various networks. This can be especially useful for people who travel frequently and want a phone that works in other countries.

It looks a little clunky, but many people might brandish a calculator when they pull it out. The Punkt MP02 is well-designed and durable, offering a decent battery life of up to 13 days on standby when speaking. The phone comes with 16GB memory and 4G LTE connectivity.

A camera is not included but comes with a nano-SIM card for easy contact transfer when upgrading or switching devices. Punkt is a solid choice for those seeking a minimalist and efficient mobile experience.

It’s a durable, high-quality phone with various features, making it an excellent option for those who want one that’s easy to use and has digital solidarity features.

However, it may not be the best choice for those who want a more advanced phone or are looking for a cheaper minimal Phone option.

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3. Nothing Phone 2

Designed to help you reduce screen time, Nothing Phone 2 features an innovative Glyph interface. Lights illuminate different areas of the back of your phone to reveal important information. Users can assign specific light and sound sequences to any notification type or contact to view essential information and notifications at a glance.

The interface can also be used as a portable ring light. The phone also comes with Nothing 2.0 OS, which promotes mindfulness. Users can customize everything from the home screen layout to colours and colour labels. The camera shines with an upgraded signal processor, advanced HDR, 4K 60fps video on the back, and 1080P 60fps on the front. The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset keeps all features running smoothly.

Nothing Phone 2 is also beautifully designed and built. It features a curved pillow glass back, a slim frame, and premium components. One of the most sustainable phoit is made from various recycled materials and plastic-free packaging, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

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4. BOOX Palma

Unlike some of the other minimalist phones on the list, the BOOX doesn’t have a SIM card slot. Instead, the device can access the internet through WiFi or text messaging apps. Like several other options on our list, the Palma features an ePaper display that is easy on the eyes.

The easy-to-use screen features black-and-white tones and no traces of blue light. The device encourages users to read e-books and relax offline but also connects easily to the internet, allowing users to access email, read news, and stay in touch with loved ones through apps like WhatsApp.

The Palma has a 16MP rear camera with LED flash, speaker, microphone, USB-C port, optical sensor, and micro SD card slot. The side buttons are conveniently customizable, and scrolling is smooth thanks to the paper-like touchscreen and BOOX Super Refresh technology. BOOX Palma comes with a protective case of black or ivory.

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5. Palm phone

The Palm Phone is a device that redefines minimalism while maintaining the essence of a modern smartphone. Think of it as a bridge between the digital world and a life without constant notifications.

The Palm Phone is compact but runs on an OS similar to the Apple Watch and offers features like time tracking, web surfing, and checking email. However, the screen is small so that you won’t be glued to it.

A unique feature is Life Mode, which silences notifications when the screen is off, ensuring peace and foit. It’s ideal for those looking to balance staying connected and being present.

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6. Light Phone II

LightPhone II is a unique device. It is the most minimal device that can be used to make calls and write SMS. This device makes you completely independent. It will not be upgraded to include advertising, Internet browser, social media, or email features.

If you want a phone you can rely on for a long time, this could be appealing, and future updates will never ruin it. You can navigate menus and use simple tools such as alarm clock, music player, calculator, and GPS. The best part is that it has Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to use it as a personal hotspot.

This device uses an electronic paper screen. This is a skill that e-book readers must learn. It’s better for your eyes. It comes in black and white, but the screen can be viewed even under direct sunlight thanks to paper screen technology.

In terms of battery life, with one to two days of typical use and enough memory to store nine phone numbers on speed dial, the Light Phone II is a great mobile device. This refers to the simpler days of so-ca, which led to dumb phones.

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7. Jelly 2

Jelly 2 can be said to be the world’s smallest 4G phone. It’s much smaller than a credit card, making it easy to fit into any pocket. But the minimalism ends there. It runs on the latest Android operating system and can do almost everything you’d expect from a typical smartphone.

In this case, it could be a good option if you love the functionality and versatility of the latest smartphone devices but are tired of phones getting bigger and bigger every year that you can’t carry around.

This little 4G phone can run for about a week on a single battery charger and has a memory slot for micro SD cards and two nano SIM cards. Calling, texting, internet, and camera features are all available on Jelly 2.

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8. Punkt MP01

If you’re looking for an intentionally minimalist phone experience, consider the wade by a Swiss company called Punkt. Punkt promises that MPO1 has no app icons, animations, or special effects to grab user attention.

They are convinced that it is time, and they have everything you need and nothing. It also looks like a calculator. Nonetheless, the MP01 is designed to be pleasant to the touch. The phone is available in three colours, black, brown, and white, and stands approximately 4.5 inches tall.

The sturdy glass fibre refinanced body, Gorilla Glass, feels solid in hand. Unlike the Nokia, the MP01 does two things. That means you can make calls and text, and the front of the phone has buttons for easy access to both functions.

These limited features allow the MP01 to have a long battery life. But while minimalist phones always have their issues, the MP01 costs $ a lot to pay for a device that only does two things. And one of them is not very good.

Text messaging is clunky, and phones have trouble capitalizing only a sentence’s first letter. In what appears to be a nod to an earlier, and worse, era of email, the ddoesn’tthread text conversations. Instead, messages are split into inboxes and sent folders and are rarely met. For a minimalist phone, it feels confusing to the max.

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9. Mudita Pure

Mudita Pure is a Polish minimalist phone with a retro aesthetic and black or grey design. It emits low radio waves and boasts only the core features required for mobile devices, including calling, texting and 4G LTE connectivity.

TTheMudita Pure has 16GB of memory and can accommodate up to two nano-SIM cards. The phone only allows internet connectivity through a hotspot and does not have a camera.

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10. Easyfone Prime-A6

Easyfone Prime-A6 is a phone designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Tailor-made for seniors and children, it makes connecting with your loved ones hassle-free and straightforward.

Prime-A6 boasts large raised buttons, making dialling easy and reducing the chance of typos. A standout feature is the customizable SOS button, which lets you get help in an emergency with just one click.

Equipped with a bright flashlight and a convenient charging dock, Easyfone is a trustworthy companion. However, it’s worth noting that while it does support Verizon or AIT, it’s compatible with most other carriersdoesn’tesn’t come with a 16GB SD card, but there is a slot for those who want to expand the memory.

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11. Jitterbug Flip2

Jitterbug Flip2 is a flip device with no apps or internet access. This device allows you to avoid all distractions like social media or internet browsing. The Flip 2 has a large display and buttons, making it a very user-friendly device. For this reason, it is very popular with children and older people.

The phone has a minimalist menu and can also connect to Alexa devices. Because there are no apps, FFlip2’sbattery lasts for hours. It also weighs only 4.8 ounces. The highlight of the device is the emergency response button. Connect with an experienced medical representative with just one touch.

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12. Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia’s minimalist smartphone with Internet access is the Nokia 66300. What’s unique about this phone is its lack of touchscreen. Instead, Nokia included a traditional keyboard with large buttons.

This will remind you of the old devices we used before the advent of touchscreens. As far as features are concerned, this device can quickly meet your daily needs.

Since the device supports 4G signals, streaming and browsing speeds are fast enough. You can also share your connection through a WiFi Swift. Your WiFi does not support Verizon. This Nokia device is for you if you need a smartphone with buttons instead of a touchscreen,

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13. Unihertz Jelly

Jelly maker Unihertz phone is the incredibly small for under $150 with over 3.5 inches long, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Nonetheless, this is a truly honest smartphone. It runs Android 7.0, has a quad-core 1.1GHz processor, and features bear and front cameras.

You might not like it at 8 and 2 megapixels. The phone runs on 4G networks and supports dual SIM cards. It’s so thick that most people have a slide-out sidekick-style keyboard. No matter how hard you push Instead, it has a full-featured 2.5-inch touchscreen.

It looks like a toy,  but there’s something unique about watching live Instagram videos on a miniaturized screen. For those who like to disconnect, this size serves the purpose. You can keep scrolling through your feed, but you likely spend less time doing so.

The size of the touchscreen adds a lot of friction, so even if it has just as many features as the input, it’s less likely to be used. Deciphering the content of Instagram posts was so frustrating. Alternatively, you are prohibited from entering comments.

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14. BoringPhone

Created to provide a healthy and safe first hone solution for children, BoringPhone is one of the best minimalist smartphones. It’s designed to give you all the valuable tools you need without the distractions of internet access, email, social media sites, and apps.

In a wit, it’s boring, but consciously so. Intentionally designed to be as simple as possible, this minimalist phone significantly limits users’ smartphone time and focuses on more critical things instead. That’s not to say BoringPisn’t isn’t interesting.

It offers calling and messaging features, maps and GPS navigation, a camera, a music player, a gallery, a notepad, a clock, a calendar, and more. You can also use your phone for hotspot tethering or sync Android and iOS contacts from other devices.

In terms of design, the BoringPhone looks like a standard smartphone with a sleek screen and a thin case that can easily fit into your pocket. However, this is a genuinely minimalist phone with a customized BoringPhone OS for a smooth and user-friendly experience.

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15. Mudita Pure

A minimal phone that seamlessly improves your well-being. This minimalist phone aims to change how you interact with smartphones and technology. True to its Pure name, this phone exudes beautiful, understated elegance. The design references Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism and features a clean launcher and sleek curves.

This phone has won various prestigious design awards. Among them are the Good Design Award and the iF Design Award. For optimal clarity and to avoid sleep-disrupting blue light emissions, the phone has an e-ink display with a paper-like appearance reminiscent of an e-reader.

The screen has a resolution of 600×480 and a pixel density of 270 per inch. The ergonomic keyboard is comfortable and has physical keys for a more tactile texting experience. The side button can be moved to three positions to allow users to stay connected, only receive messages and calls from a selected range of contacts, or remain offline.

Other features of the Mudita phone include ultra-low SAR value, Bluetooth 4.2, a headphone jack, an open-source operating system, a replaceable battery, and an additional SIM slot. The company collaborated with musician Nick Lewis for the ringtone, who created acoustic ringtones and alarm tones using various instruments.

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Conclusion of Best Phone for Minimalists

The best minimalist phones are said to be designed for people who seek efficiency and simplicity. If you’re looking for functional and straightforward mobile phones, the 15 phones above might be just the thing for you.

Each phone of these minimal smartphones has excellent features and is usually cheaper than more complex phones. These phones can help you easily replace your modern smartphone with a more mindfulness-focused option.

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