Best Otterbox Cases for iPhone

Best Otterbox Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Are you seeking the best Otterbox case for your iPhone 11, 11 Pro, or Pro Max? Here is the list of the five best iPhone 11 series Otterbox cases you can use in 2024.

Otterbox for iPhone 11

Best Otterbox Cases for iPhone 11 series in 2024

1. Otterbox Strada

The latest Otterbox case in the iPhone 11 series is the OtterBox Strada. The Otterbox Strada is a rugged, portable wallet case. The best version for iPhone 11 has slightly more leather used.

A distinctive feature of the Otterbox Strada is its magnetic latch. It is small and easy to use with one hand. And unlike a regular folio case, the cover is magnetically attached to the back.

And thanks to this simple feature that makes us love the Otterbox Strada so much, we will overlook that it has a rather stiff sleep button and can hold up to two cards.


  • Great quality
  • Magnetic latch
  • Very protective.


  • Only 1-2 cards can be stored.

2. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Case

Suppose you’re thinking of buying Apple’s horrible transparent case. The Otterbox Symmetry has a similar scratch-resistant PC back and wears out slightly slower than other cases. However, a high-gloss finish may improve case handling for some people.

Otterbox Symmetry is reborn for iPhone 11. Otterbox removed the shock-absorbing TPU liner on the back, making the case thinner and making major improvements to the buttons.

The slick back is the only thing that doesn’t go well with the case. The back is not stablunstableands, and the larger iPhone exacerbates that feeling. The TPU edge of the case is slightly offset┬ábut not enough to give it a higher score.


  • Thin
  • Great button
  • Many different designs.


  • Slick bag.

3. OtterBox Defender screenless edition series

OtterBox Defender Screenless is the great Otterbox for the iPhone 11 series. It was a fierce case battle between Griffin Survivor All-Terrain, Bulletproof Tough Jacket, and Otterbox Defender. Griffin Survivor All-Terrain no longer exists and has been replaced by Griffin Survivor Extreme.

Ballistic returned from business a few years ago. The most important change is the Otterbox Defender with the screensaver removed, as the still-updated Tough Jacket lacks the lovely TPU sleeve design.

Otterbox Defender is a known quantity. If you need a sturdy case to be beaten, go with the Otterbox Defender. Otterbox uses its own Drop Standard, so you don’t know how tough it is.


  • Covers most of the iPhone
  • No plastic screen protector/no screen damage
  • There is a belt clip.


  • No screen saver.

4. OtterBox Commuter Series Case

Otterbox has updatCommuterommuter for iPhone 11. There are two important differences between the old Otterbox Commuter and the new Otterbox Commuter.

For starters, the tCommuterommuter followed the shape of the iPhone, but the new Otterbox Commuter is much boxier.

The new Otterbox Commuter will fit an oversized iPhone 4 or 5. Or, if all the rumors turn out to be true, it looks like it might fit the new 2024 iPhones.

The second difference is that Otterbox has added cutouts for some TPUs on the back. This means that the Otterbox Commuter does not slide easily.

Other than that, it is identical to Otterbox Commuter. The striking differences between the Otterbox Commuter and Otterbox Symmetry are their thickness and the additional dust protection provided by the port cover.

However, the extra dust protection is slightly offset by the fact that the edges of the case are a bit loose.


  • Improved design
  • Better handling than Otterbox Symmetry
  • Dust cover for the Lightning port.


  • It’s a bit bulkier.

5. Otterbox Defender for iPhone 11 Pro

The Otterbox Defender Pro looks almost identical to the regular Otterbox Defender, especially without the Apple logo cutout. The biggest difference between the Otterbox Defender Pro and the regular Otterbox Defender is the TPU’s antibacterial properties and upgraded texture.

If you find regular gular Otterbox Defeto to be under too slick, spend an extra $10 and get the Otterbox Defender Pro with a slightly better texture. But given that both cases use too much TPU, that’s unlikely.

However, for these two reasons, the Otterbox Defender Pro ranks higher than the regular Otterbox Defender.


  • It is much better than a regular
  • Upgraded texture
  • Antibacterial coating
  • TPU’s antibacterial properties.


  • There is no space for the Apple logo.

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