Vertu Metavertu Review

Vertu Metavertu Review 2024: Web3 Phone

If anyone asks me what is the world’s first secure premium WEB 3.0 smartphone that offers incredible security and privacy? I would answer there is only one phone and that is Vertu’s Metavertu phone, which is designed to deliver new features and unique experiences.

One of the key features of the Vertu Metavertu phone is that it uses special encryption technology that protects against all types of cyber attacks. This means your personal information, financial data, and communications are reliably protected.

The Vertu Metavertu smartphone is equipped with the best technical characteristics, including a powerful processor, large memory, bright display, crystal sound, state-of-the-art camera system, and support for all the latest communication standards.

Vertu Metavertu

This phone is made from the highest quality materials, including genuine black leather, aircraft-grade aluminum, sapphire crystal, and ceramic, giving it not only elegance but also a unique personality. METAVERTU is not just a communication phone, it’s a work of art!

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Vertu Metavertu Review 2024

Vertu Metavertu feels quite different. This is a legitimate high-performance phone, and while the basic design is mediocre some specs are a bit past their prime, like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.

MetaVertu features a bold OLED screen and responsive triple rear cameras with powerful 5x zoom. The stereo speakers are loud and lack a bit of top-notch bass effect.

It also comes with a tempered glass screen protector that matches perfectly with the smooth curved glass of the display. Even high-end phones use basic plastic protection if they have one. Surprisingly, it feels like a true flagship Android in a way no Vertu phone has since the pre-iPhone era.


At the front, Metavertu replaces the boxy angles with a curved edge display that fits neatly into the metal frame. The 72-degree curvature is quite extreme, so you may notice some glare from ambient light at most angles. These types of panels are susceptible to additional damage, but the rectangular shape of the device should provide additional protection.

It also comes with a pre-attached tempered glass screen protector, but even though it doesn’t have an official IP rating, you should watch out for dust and water.

expensive phone

There’s not much that stands out from the side – the usual power and volume key combination, SIM tray, USB-C port, and speaker grille. You’d expect a phone this expensive to come with all the bells and whistles, but Vertu followed the more mainstream crowd in dropping the 3.5mm headphone port.

Weighing in at 219g, the Metavertu isn’t particularly light on its feet. Maybe that’s a good thing, but if you want to draw attention to such an expensive phone.


At 6.7 inches, the Metavertu’s AMOLED display is similar in size to its mainstream competitors The 2400×1080 resolution is more than enough. Considering the price, 1440p would have been nice, and 4K would have been better still. There’s HDR10 support, giving Netflix shows and compatible YouTube videos a greater sense of depth thanks to brighter highlights sharing screen time with deep, dark shadows.

Vertu Web3 phone price

However, the brightness is only 1000 nits. This is far from the best smartphone on sale today. The fast 144Hz refresh rate beats many premium Android devices, and you can also choose between 60Hz and 120Hz to save battery life if you don’t need the extra smooth motion.

Auto mode drops to a lower number when the screen is frozen, but we’re not sure if Vertu is using LTPO technology for hibernation.


The main snapper uses a slightly older 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor. It has a fairly wide f/1.6 aperture, optical image stabilization, and laser autofocus. The higher resolution helps retain detail when zoomed in at 2x, but while detail becomes softer, the bigger issue is the overall tone. The colors appear muted and are not as bright as they are in real life.

The similarly sized 50MP sensor performs ultra-wide with an f/2.2 aperture and a 116-degree field of view. But those extra megapixels can’t make up for image processing.

It retains detail from a distance, but colors are muted. It struggles with shadow detail and falls apart in brighter scenes, opting for blown-out skies.

Web3 phone review

An 8MP periscope telephoto completes the trio with OIS and 5x optical zoom. Surprisingly, it has the most accurate colors of the three cameras. Color accuracy seems to be compromised, with a lack of detail and sharpness, especially when zoomed in.

It’s a shame that the images aren’t particularly consistent across cameras, as the question remains as to which camera you should use. Overall, HDR processing needs improvement to address the sun blowing out of the sky.

If you want a more natural background blur, telephoto lenses perform surprisingly well for short-range shots. Unfortunately, the 5x zoom isn’t particularly usable as you start to lose most detail beyond about 2.5x.

There’s a Pro mode for adjusting camera settings, Street mode for outdoor shots, Portrait mode, Video, and Night mode. Portrait mode works well with simple subjects, but gives up entirely on more complex subjects that require tricky edge detection.

Meanwhile, the macro shots are macro, but not particularly clear or detailed. It’s better than a typical 2MP macro camera

Metavertu can also shoot up to 8K video at 30fps. Footage is sharp and moves smoothly, but videos suffer from the same color and HDR issues as regular photos.

Flip it to the front and you’ll find a 15MP selfie snapper. It can be used for face unlock and supports HDR. However, they suffer the same fate as telephoto lenses.

The photo is bright and the colors are accurate, but there isn’t much detail behind the photo. This is especially noticeable when zooming in on the image behind the main subject.

Another criticism is that it takes too long to press the shutter button, leaving many missed opportunities. This is even more noticeable in portrait or night mode shots, where the smartphone processes the image before saving it.

Additionally, all images come with the Metavertu logo overlaid in the bottom corner. It’s visible in every image and I don’t think I can turn it off. It’s certainly an interesting choice, but not one we’re most happy with.


All of this leaves Vertu’s software potentially the more substantial appeal of the Metavertu experience. And that makes sense, considering this is the world’s first Web3 phone. The positioning is an eccentric luxury. It’s a complete departure from the ‘fashion luxury’ of older Vertu phones.

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Web3 exists on Metavertu as a stack of custom apps ranging from the mundane to the bizarre. They’re all in the password-protected Meta Space main app, which claims to be encrypted. Just enter your password, like any secure file storage app you might have tried before.

Inside, there is a place to store your cryptocurrency wallet details called Value. Vbox offers cloud storage. The Dappstore is an app store that, at the time of this writing, is empty except for Vertu’s content and a few web shortcuts disguised as apps.

Venture is a custom web browser with a stack of cryptocurrency links on the homepage, and VShot is a camera app that can generate up to five images per day.

Vertu Metavertu AI features

Artificial intelligence technology is pushing humanity into an era of all-round intelligence. About AI tools represented by the explosive emergence of ChatGPT. METAVERTU announced that it uses Web3.0 blockchain technology as the security cornerstone, runs dual AI models in parallel, and combines large and small models to achieve the perfect balance between user experience and privacy.

NFT phone

METAVERTU integrates a global knowledge base with privacy protection. Information that creates a ‘second brain’ is learned at the same frequency as human thoughts, allowing one not only to analyze problems from one’s perspective but also to secretly hide thoughts like a biological brain.

METAVERTU will provide users with a truly personalized and personalized AI experience, realizing the concept of users having an AI butler in their pocket from a science fiction movie.

In addition to helping with tedious tasks, METAVERTU’s AI assistant can also help solve life problems, such as planning a trip, remembering a friend’s birthday, or choosing a gift. METAVERTU also personalizes the best virtual lover for each person, so open METAVERTU altogether.

Vertu Metavertu Price

Vertu Metavertu phone is available with a price tag of $45,200 to spare can switch to the top-of-the-line configuration Metavertu, which features 18GB of RAM and 1TB of storage and comes in Himalayan crocodile leather, 18K gold, and diamonds.

Is vertu phones worth it?

Metavertu users can convert photos and videos into NFTs with one click. These NFTs are digitally authenticated and stored securely on your device. Fortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with Web 3.0, the device includes a voice assistant programmed to answer Web3-related questions.

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Some people might question Vertu’s decision to sell such an expensive phone. After all, flogging a cell phone that costs more than many Americans’ annual income at a time when many people can’t afford to buy a house isn’t a good look. But Vertu seems confident in the phone’s capabilities because of its ties to Web 3.0, a complex but nebulous concept that includes ideas like decentralization and blockchain technology.

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