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Tesla Phone Pi 2024 Specs, Features, Price, Release Date, and Full Review

Elon Musk’s first smartphone, the ‘Model Pi’ phone, is designed to work on Mars! The new Tesla phone 2024 will be the perfect smartphone for the next generation. Tesla has said that this new phone will include many updates. Smartphones are highly regulated.

Tesla Phone Pi Specs Features

In other words, with this smartphone, the network system will work in forests and mountains. The reason is that this smartphone has the power to receive the network from satellites.

Tesla Phone Pi 5G Review

The Tesla Pi smartphone is one of the newest mobiles in the world. This smartphone comes with 5G technology along with a high-resolution display capacity. The Tesla Pi Phone 5G will be one of the best phones of the decade.

Tesla Pi 2024 Specs


First, we are talking about the display. Tesla’s upcoming smartphone, Pi 2024, comes with a 6.9-inch Super AMOLED full touchscreen display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 8.

The good news for Tesla Pi phone enthusiasts is that this mobile uses a display resolution of 2840 x 4200 pixels. In the display section, this mobile also used “always-on display,” which is helpful for active users.


In the camera section, Tesla added a Quad 200MP primary lens + 24MP ultra-wide lens + 16MP wide sensor + 5MP depth sensor as the rear camera. For selfies, it has a 64MP camera. General camera features such as Zeiss Optics, LED flash, panorama, and HDR have been added.

You can now easily select a photo or selfie using the front camera. One thing is clear: you can also use this Tesla phone for vlogging. It can beat the iPhone’s camera.


With the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 Plus 5G, the mobile platform makes Tesla’s smartphone very fast. This Tesla smartphone uses GSM/CDMA/HSPA/EVDO/LTE/5G network technology.


Memory means RAM, ROM, internal storage, and an additional micro SD card. Elon Musk’s upcoming Tesla Model Pi phone will come in two variants: 12/16GB RAM and 256GB and 512GB ROM. Customers can quickly expand the internal storage with micro SD cards up to 1TB or 2TB.


Elon Musk Tesla’s upcoming mobile uses the latest sensor technology, and the names are fingerprint (under the display, ultrasound), accelerometergyroproximitycompass, and barometer.


The new Pi model 2024 has a 7700mAh Li-Polymer type Non-removable battery for long-term service. No charge is required for at least two days on a single charge. Fast battery charging is a joint unique feature of flagship devices. So, this phone includes a 110W fast battery charging feature.

40 to 50 minutes is sufficient to complete a 100% battery charge. We hope this will be a handy feature for flagship smartphone enthusiasts.

Operating system

In the operating system section, this smartphone added Android 12.1, which automatically upgrades to Android 13.

Tesla Pi phone features

Price of Tesla Phone Pi

1. Satellite Internet

Starlink, SpaceX’s space-based Internet service, is closely related to Tesla. It’s also possible that the Tesla phone will help fund the colonization of Mars, the company’s goal since its inception. But they had to find a way to hide the bulky antennas that satellite phones have and ensure good service from such a small device.

2. Star-link

An intensively protected release date is a highly protected privacy statement. The Starlink antenna is taken out of the smartphone box. Smartphones capable of high-speed connectivity will become necessary wherever they go as they do not require a terrestrial connection.

3. Solar charging

Tesla makes solar panels and vehicles, so this is not an outrageous idea. It is unlikely that the phone will rely solely on solar power, but there may be Tesla-branded cases that allow for a certain amount of solar charging.

4. Neuralink support

Tesla Pi phones work with Neuralink. Neuralink is an Elon Musk project developing an ultra-high-bandwidth machine interface connecting the human brain to a computer. According to reports, the Model Pi connects directly to the user’s brain and works fine.

5. Neuro-Rink technology

This device’s most surprising new feature is that the smartphone features Neuro-Rink technology. This is the original neurocomputer interface, a chip that Elon Musk’s company plans to expand into the human brain by the end of 2024 to treat injuries and improve brain capacity.

6. Astrophotography

Today’s phones already use AI and powerful cameras to help capture the night sky. This feature of SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus will inevitably bleed into this phone. This will give you a device to take great pictures of celestial bodies.

7. Vehicle Control

A Tesla app for your phone already performs your car’s essential functions (lock/unlock the car, control media playback, call the car). This app is pre-installed on your phone if not built into the operating system for easy access via the lock screen or an external button. This app can also give unique features to phone owners.

8. Crypto mining

Tesla Phone Pi mines cryptocurrency. This smartphone mines a cryptocurrency called Mars Coin. Users can use it on Mars; the phone is a crypto wallet.

Tesla Pi phone release date

The Tesla Phone Company is ready to launch a new Tesla phone in the US in December 2024 (estimated).

Tesla Phone Release Date

New Tesla Phone Price

The company did not disclose the price of the smartphone. However, we can expect the Tesla Pi 5G phone to cost $1200 to $15,00.

Find out the new Tesla phone model Pi 5G on Amazon.

What is Star-Link for Tesla phones?

Star-Link is a high-speed download system with a downloading capacity of 150MBPS-200MBPS. Tesla will add this feature to its new smartphone, “The Pi model.”

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