List of All Time Best Smartphones you can Buy in 2021

Want to help you in finding the top 10 Best Smartphones of 2021 this best guide to the best smartphones on the market includes a variety of styles, features, manufacturers, and budgets, so you can find the perfect phone.

From Apple iPhone 11 Pro to Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7T Pro to Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, there are many choices when it takes years to review and evaluate the best phones. High-end phone making your way here.

5G smartphones are slowly appearing in the current scene, but the list of the best phones today still includes 4G models. If you live in an area where you already have a 5G coverage area, see the T3 5G guide.

1. iPhone 11 Pro

Apple iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best smartphones to buy. It’s also the top-of-the-line iPhone released by Apple powered by the new A13 bionic processor. Pairing this battery with a larger battery and several power-optimized smarts baked with iOS 13 itself has an iPhone that can last all day without being plugged into a power outlet. Using the device frugally, you can easily squeeze it in two days.

iPhone 11 Pro

But the headline act is a tri-camera. In particular, the third sensor is a wide-angle lens that provides a 120-degree field of view, making it ideal for landscapes. The other two are two small but shocking updates that remain largely unchanged. The larger the aperture of the telephoto lens, the better it is to focus 40o pct more light and the wide-angle sensor has 100 pct focus pixels. In the dark.

Mix all of this collectively throw it on the OLED screen to make good measurements. With a variety of smartphones, you can handle all the throwing tasks without stopping in one breath. That doesn’t mean there are no fair flaws. The biggest is the lack of support for 5G. Although it is not as big a problem as I thought.

5G is still far from becoming a national standard. In fact, it is currently only available in a few cities across the country and even on very small surface areas. Even if iPhone 11 Pro supports 5G, it may not be available. Don’t forget that 5G rates are as expensive as possible. So the price actually goes down because it doesn’t work on the network.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes bundled with an 18W charger for fast charging. The problem is that it’s not much better than the current Apple iPhone 11 Pro, and for anyone looking to upgrade their phone right now, quality is one of the first things to consider.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Specification:

  • Weight: 188g + 12MP Telephoto
  • Front Camera: 12MP + TOF 3D depth sensor
  • Reason for purchase
  • + Best phone camera ever
  • + Amazing OLED screen
  • Fantastic battery life

2. Apple iPhone 11

The Apple iPhone 11 is the world’s best phone in 2021 with amazing design, perfect fit and completeness, powerful built-in hardware, and a top-of-the-line camera system. Powerful rivals like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Huawei P30 Pro However, if you can increase it, iPhone 11 should be at the top of the list of potential upgrades. All the high-quality phones you need for weighing can be found in the Best Phone 2021 Handbook.

Smartphones 2020

We tested every aspect of each phone, from the life of the battery, the appearance of the screen, to the specifications of the camera, to the quality of the camera, which allows you to clearly recommend the advantages and perfect features of each phone. partner

The phone is a very important tool in everyday life, so I spent a significant amount of time with each handset on the top phone list. So it tells you exactly what Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Huawei P30 Pro. Smartphones live extended every day.

We’ve included the absolute best calls in this list, in order of preference. So the decision-making process for getting the next premium handset will be much easier.

So, even after purchasing the most powerful Android smartphone currently, or upgrading the newly released iPhone from Apple, we have seen all the best mobile phones on the market and have tested them extensively, so this is not necessary.

If you’re an Apple fan, iPhone 11 Pro is a great example of a cheaper alternative if you can’t surprisingly and financially expand it with three cameras. I think it’s the best phone for most people in 2021. The iPhone 11 comes in a variety of attractive, bright colors and features a 6.1-inch HDR Liquid Retina display, Apple’s latest A13 bionic chipset, 3GB RAM, 3,110mAh battery, and 64GB storage. Model (can shoot up to 256GB at an additional cost)

It’s a well-equipped and very well-made phone, in all respects. Apple caught up with the iPhone 11 series and its competitors. What you can’t get on an Apple iPhone 11 is the same flexible camera as the iPhone 11 Pro. This is because you have a dual camera, not a tri-camera. It’s also big and crisp, but it’s also available on other devices at the same price as the Pro range.

Nevertheless, as the T3 concluded in an official review of the phone, “iPhone 11 maintains an excellent balance between functionality and price. I don’t know that Apple’s phone is cheaper to build, camera, and speed. OLED screen There was… “

So the iPhone 11 is now Apple’s best phone for your buck (unless you prefer Android as your phone’s operating system), it’s an easy recommendation for most users.

Apple’s iPhone 11 offers premium specifications at an affordable price.

iPhone 11 Specification:

  • Weight: 194g Ultra Wide Angle Camera: 12MP
  • Reason for purchase
  • Best dual-lens camera
  • Incredibly fast
  • + Battery life
  • + Lovely design and construction
  • Impressive audio


The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro handset further enhances features and functionality based on the outstanding Xiaomi Mi 9. Darkens the front display notch to show the screen much more (the powered pop-up device with a 20MP selfie camera).


Considering the very low price point, the internal hardware specifications are outstanding. With a 4,000mAh large capacity battery, you can charge it once a day and use it with medium strength with one charge, so you don’t have to worry about battery life.

Like its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro combines flagship-level specifications and a design that allows you to turn your head every time you take out this phone. Combining this with a very attractive price, this is a fantastic all-around package from Xiaomi. It’s worth it from the best phones on the list in 2021 thanks to its excellent price-to-value value.

The edges are slightly cut, such as lack of waterproofing and wireless charging, but it is difficult to complain at this kind of price. Xiaomi will continue to surpass and worry about Apple, Samsung, and Google. If you can live with Xiaomi’s accidental Android, this is the phone that gives you the best performance for years. The camera is another point in the positive row, which gives very good results in most cases (even in low light).

The OnePlus 7T Pro is one of the best phones that can perform at the highest speeds today.

XIAOMI MI 9T PRO Specification:

  • Weight: 191g 2.4 + 8 MP f / 2.4 Front camera: 20 MP f / 2.2
  • Reason for purchase
  • Flagship level design chop
  • + Some of the most powerful specs
  • + The price is very attractive

4. Sony Xperia 1

As you can see, the biggest thing about this phone is literally a 6.5 inch 21: 9 4K display. In the early days, it is the preferred aspect ratio for watching movies (or movies sung by Americans). TV. If these are two things you like, look no further than the handset beast.

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2020

As we reviewed, the problem is that this display is clear, huge, and vibrant beauty, but the phone’s battery capacity is rather low. That is, the screen will appear dark if it is not close to the maximum crank. Still, increasing the brightness makes the viewing experience really great. Don’t expect the battery to work for days.

The ultra-high size of your phone is a bit difficult to deal with, especially when it’s in a medium-sized pocket. Of course, this applies to many large phones (Galaxy Note, as we see it), but the pure length of this handset (above average weight) exacerbates the problem.

If this doesn’t seem like a problem to you and you can’t do it easily, there’s a lot of love here: 128GB of storage is built-in by default, and the latest Snapdragon chip is very bright. The sound system provided by Dolby is top-notch. There is actually no better phone for us amongst you.

Sony Xperia 1 Specification:

  • Weight: 180g Camera: 8MP
  • Reason for purchase
  • + Unique and unique display
  • Powerful processor
  • Immersive audio
  • Dust and waterproof

5. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

From Samsung’s 100x digital zoom on the rear camera to the 6.9-inch AMOLED display on the front, it’s hard to find a place to start with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is the most expensive of the S20 models and shows. Of course, this is an amazing phone Samsung can expect at this stage. Inside are some of the best interior components you’ll find on a handset in 2021. And on the back is one of the most versatile and useful cameras on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Don’t forget the 5000mAh large capacity battery here. You can operate your phone in any way. It’s hard to find a flaw in the features offered by the S20 Ultra, and it’s hard to find a phone that can win in major major departments in 2021.

The only downside is the price, so it’s taking a position as a premium choice rather than an overall choice to get the best phone on the market today. As we reviewed, “If you are a tech lover and have enough pockets to use it, S20 Ultra is not recommended”.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Specification:

  • Size: 222g 12MP Ultra-Wide + 0.3
  • MP TOFFront Camera: 40MP + 40MP
  • Reason for purchase
  • + Huge smooth 120Hz screen
  • Hyper premium internal hardware
  • Camera with various functions


This is one of the best-looking and best-ordered phones I have seen last year. From pop-up selfie cameras to fantastic 6.67-inch screens, the OnePlus 7T Pro is of high quality.

Smartphones 2020

A special mention of the OxygenOS software that OnePlus puts on your phone gives a good idea, and it improves the inventory Google provides. Spend a few hours using it to see what I mean.

Other flagship phones may outperform the OnePlus 7T Pro in the camera department, but OnePlus is always improving in this area and there is no doubt that the triple-lens rear camera on the back of this phone is still the best OnePlus mobile camera.

The only downside is that there aren’t many more upgrades than the previous OnePlus 7 Pro. But we are not too upset about it. We are very excited about what OnePlus 8 has to offer.

ONEPLUS 7T PRO Specification:

  • Size: 206g 2.2 Front camera: 16MP f / 2.0
  • Reason for purchase
  • + Beautifully designed phone
  • + Top Specifications
  • + OxygenOS is really impressed

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

With an absolutely amazing 6.3 inch Super AMOLED screen, a powerful built-in hardware family, and an advanced S Pen digital stylus, the Note 10 is one of the best android smartphones today. There are some features of the larger Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but there are no areas that are not punched, but it is a model that makes it plump due to its reasonable price and reasonable size.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

With 10-hour battery life and air gestures, the new S Pen remains an unrivaled and unique accessory, making the note a unique offer on the market. It’s ultra-violence that turns a productivity powerhouse into an essential creative tool in seconds.

What you see on this phone is the 5G variant of the former, allowing owners to take advantage of the ultra-fast new network connectivity available on 6.8-inch AMOLED screens in most of the UK’s major cities. A slightly better camera system comes with a time-of-flight sensor.

However, as the T3 mentioned in the Note 10 review, “The Galaxy Note 10’s more compact design feels right” and “Small footprint is much more manageable and enjoyable”. It’s also much cheaper and offers 90-95 pct of the features of a larger phone, so the Note 10 is the model of choice for the money, especially if you’re in the region, not 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Specification:

  • Size: 168g 2.1 + 16MP f / 2.2
  • Front camera: 10 MP f / 2.2
  • Reason for purchase
  • + Perfect size
  • + S pen function
  • + Multi-purpose camera system
  • Outstanding core hardware
  • + Attractive design

8. Huawei P30 Pro

If you are a photography lover and prefer the Android ecosystem over your iPhone, you’ve traditionally preferred Google’s line of Google phones, especially the newest and largest Pixel 3 XL, which is famous for being great. Camera system.

Best Smartphones

However, the Google Pixel 3 XL is still the best Best Smartphone you can buy in 2021, but the Huawei P30 Pro and the excellent quad-camera system that slumped away have stolen thunder. In fact, in a review of the P30 Pro, “The phenomenal 5x optical and 10x hybrid zooms are different from the ones used before, and you can capture photos that you couldn’t get with other smartphones.”

And it doesn’t say anything about very impressive night mode photos on your phone or crisp, color-sharp images with little noise. However, the P30 Pro uses a large 6.47-inch screen, a fast Kirin 980 central processor, and a long-lasting 4,200mAh battery to provide a perfect photoshoot experience.

Certain aspects of the device can’t compete with other high-end phones in the 2021 guide’s best phones, such as the Mate 20 Pro’s high-resolution screen, better user interface, and Samsung Galaxy S10’s screen clarity. Brand preferences and ease of use outside the iPhone XS range.

However, for many users, the P30 Pro’s advanced hardware, excellent camera system, fast screen fingerprint scanner, and numerous advanced features such as reverse wireless charging are enough to take advantage of.

Huawei P30 Pro Specification:

  • Size: 189g +
  • To Front Camera: 32MP
  • Reason for purchase
  • Amazing camera system
  • Various 6.47-inch display
  • Fast display fingerprint reader

9. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The Galaxy S10 phone is still on sale and replaced by the Galaxy S20 family, but it’s still an excellent choice and more valuable than ever. The Galaxy phone is also doing something really different from the iPhone and other rival flagship handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

While competitors are rushing to duplicate the first noticeable notch screen design on the iPhone X, Samsung took a significantly different approach than the Infinity-O design. The Infinity-O design is not the prettiest in leaving the Samsung R & D lab, and you should get used to it to some extent.

However, Samsung allowed the S10 Plus to be fitted with a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel of the same size as the Galaxy Note 9, while at the same time reducing the physical size of the smartphone compared to the Galaxy S9 Plus supporting 6.2. Inch screen.

Elsewhere, Samsung can take vivid live-focus photos with artificial bokeh-style blur, including a dual front camera. The Galaxy S10 range also has some fun new depth effects, including the ability to turn the grayscale of the background to make the subject in the image come to life. You can also shoot using the triple camera on the back of the handset.

The rear-mounted camera boasts an ultra-wide-angle camera, creating an incredibly dramatic scene. It also has fewer unsightly distortions from past competitors’ ultra-wide-angle cameras. Finally, the new One UI operating system based on Android Pie is far superior to systems like Huawei, LG, or Sony.

One UI wants a massive screen on the phone from the beginning, but large-scale smartphones are designed from the ground up to admit that it is very annoying to use it with one hand, especially during a commute to the train wagon during the morning commute.

To solve these troublesome issues, one UI can easily switch all user interface elements where the user needs to reach a third of the touch screen.

Galaxy S10 Plus Specification:

  • Size: 175g dual aperture
  • 12MP telephoto
  • front camera: 10MP + 8MP depth sensor
  • Reason for purchase
  • +6.4 inch quad HD + AMOLED
  • Up to 1.5TB storage via MicroSD card
  • Nice live focus image from the front camera


The Google Pixel flagship mobile phone has many features and can be easily added to the list of the best smartphones. Of course, once again, it is the camera. Google added a second lens this time. Elsewhere compared to last year, there is a slight spec overflow and a pure stock Android experience known as Pixel phones. Sometimes the power of the phone is in what you do not have, rather than what you have.

Top 10 Best Smartphones 2020

Some cool features worth mentioning are the ability to control Face Unlock (a feature you can easily put into your phone) and Motion Sense (play music with a shake, silent alarms, etc.). Wireless charging and full waterproofing included, so there aren’t many scores for the Pixel 4 (and the Big Brother of the Pixel 4 XL). Battery life can be improved, but there are a lot of good things here, but this is not a problem.

GOOGLE PIXEL 4 Specification:

  • Weight: 162g f / 2.0
  • Reason for purchase
  • + The camera is really fantastic
  • + Pure stock android
  • + Face unlocking works very well

Conclusion of Best Smartphones 2021

So this was the list of best Smartphones all the time you can use. Buy any of these phones and let us know about your experience.

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