Does Mint Mobile Work in Mexico

Does Mint Mobile Work in Mexico? Mint Mobile’s Coverage

Mint Mobile is a prepaid carrier that provides services using the T-Mobile network. The company offers multi-month plans for domestic use in the U.S., but you can also connect while traveling internationally by adding credits. Mint plans include free texts and call to Mexico, but roaming in those countries can get expensive quickly, as you’ll have to pay per minute, per text, or M.BB.

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Mint Mobile’s coverage

Mint Mobile has made a name for itself by offering premium wireless services without the premium price tag. These services are primarily located across the United States and boast robust 5G and 4G LTE networks.

Mint Mobile coverage Map

This allows users to get a fast and reliable connection for streaming video, browsing the web, and making phone calls. The nationwide coverage promise suggests a broad network, but does this extend beyond U.S. borders? Read Does Mint Mobile Work in Canada? to know more.

International roaming with Mint Mobile

Using the Mobile Services outside their primary country of operation means international roaming. This service allows users to use their phone abroad by accessing partner networks available in the country they are visiting.

Like many other carriers, Mint Mobile offers international roaming services. This means that when you travel outside the United States, your phone searches for and connects to available networks in your destination country. However, it is essential to note that roaming often comes with additional costs.

This could be in the form of high calling rates, data rates, or text messaging rates. It’s always a good idea to check with your service provider about potential charges before you travel to avoid unexpected bills.

So, does Mint Mobile work in Mexico in 2024?

Yes, the service works if you’re using Mint Mobile and traveling to Mexico, but you’ll incur usage fees. Mint Mobile’s international roaming rates are steep, but it may be the right choice if you want to travel quickly. In Mexico, Mint roaming rates are $0.06 per minute, $0.02 per text, and $0.06 M.B.r M.B. of data.

You’ll need to add UpRoam credits to your Mint Mobile account to get started. Access your account online or in the Mint mobile app and select UpRoam. You can add credits in $5, $10, or $15 increments to add the amount that suits your stay.

Does Mint Mobile work in Mexico in 2024

Remember that each country’s rates are unique, and some cost more than others. For example, data in Mexico is cheap, but using your phone like you do at home can add up pretty quickly. However, there is a more affordable way to get international data if you have an unlocked phone.

Tips to prepare your Mint phone for use in Mexico

Here are some things you must do in the U.S. to buy Mint phones in Mexico.

Compare rates: It would be best if you compare rates first. This is the Mexican local network usage fee and Mint Mobile roaming service usage fee. This will help you see which option is cheaper and save you money.

Thankfully, UpRoam rates are affordable, especially in Mexico. We’ll discuss UpRoam pricing later in this post.

Enable roaming: Next, you need to enable the roaming feature on your phone. Most phones have a roaming feature that allows you to continue using the network outside the service area. We recommend that you enable roaming while in the United States.

Purchase UpRoam Credits: As mentioned earlier, the last thing you need to do is purchase UpRoam credits. You can buy $5 worth of credit. You can recharge your credit while you are in Mexico.

Activate Mint Mobile UpRoam: No complicated processes are required to activate UpRoam services. To start your service, purchase UpRoam credits.

How to Buy UpRoam Credits?

Calling, texting, and mobile data costs are deducted from your UpRoam credit. You can recharge your credit anytime, anywhere. To purchase UpRoam credits, follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Mint mobile account
  • You can do this through the Mint Mobile app or on their site
  • Click on Uproam and select the amount of credit you want to top up.


If you plan to stay in Mexico for an extended period, say six months or more, joining a local network may be a good idea. You can also reduce your data costs by choosing free Wi-Fi. Several locations in Mexico offer free Wi-Fi. Mint Mobile roaming is your option if you are an average user and don’t need to make calls daily.

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