Can You Use Galaxy Watch Active 2 Without Phone?

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 can be used without being connected to a mobile device. Use the Galaxy Watch Active2 conveniently without connecting to a mobile device while doing outdoor activities such as hiking or exercising. We have just updated the list of Best Smartwatches Under $30 to $50 2021.

When you turn on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 for the first time or reset it, you can set it to use the Galaxy Watch Active 2 without a mobile device. Some features are not available when using the Galaxy Watch Active2 without connecting to a mobile device.

How to Make Calls from galaxy watch active 2 without phone

How to make calls on Galaxy Watch Active 2?

To make a call from your Galaxy Watch Active 2, you have to navigate and select Call Options. Then select the ‘Contacts‘ icon to select a specific contact. You can also dial the number you want by pressing the keypad icon. Now tap the green phone icon to initiate a call from your wrist. The phone call starts automatically on the paired smartphone, and you can also use the phone as if you were on a call.

It is important to note that you can only make calls if you have an LTE model. If you are using a Wi-Fi-only model, the watch will redirect you to respond from the paired smartphone. You can easily make a call when you are busy with a specific activity.

The phone call feature from your wrist saves you effort and lets you make a direct call every time you take your smartphone out of your pocket. Along with phone calls, the Galaxy Watch active 2 can reply to texts or related notifications directly from your wrist. Complete all settings and enjoy unlimited phone calls on your watch.

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Can You Use Galaxy Watch in standalone mode without a phone?

Yes! You can use it in standalone mode as long as you have a newer smartwatch running Tizen 4 or higher. In this mode, you can leave your phone behind after starting a round of golf. Check rangefinder distance, track shot on watch, and change current hole. When your score comes back within range, it syncs to your phone

To start using the standalone mode, make sure you have the latest version of the Golf Pad phone app 15.0 or later and the watch app 4.1.1 or later and have GPS enabled in the watch settings. Then enable ‘Standalone’ mode in Golf Pad Preferences/Smartwatch Sync.

While the watch and phone are connected, you can start the round, check the rangefinder distance from the watch, and then put the phone away. If you encounter any problems, review the troubleshooting steps. For maximum accuracy, disconnect your phone and watch after starting around. We recommend using Airplane mode on your watch, but you can also disable Bluetooth on both devices.

Note: Turn off airplane mode on your watch and wait for the watch to connect to your phone before completing the round in the phone app. Required for correct synchronization of data.

The standalone feature is available on Tizen 4 and later devices such as Galaxy Watch Active 2. Connected mode is available for both current and previous Tizen smartwatches.

Smartwatch sync is part of the Golf Pad Premium upgrade and several other features such as expanded stats and handicap scores.

How to make calls on Galaxy Watch Active 2 without a phone?

On the Apps screen, go to the Settings icon → Connect to phone → Agree and enter a PIN to connect the Galaxy Watch Active2 and the mobile device while using the Galaxy Watch Active2 without a mobile device.

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