Is Oneplus 12 Worth Buying?

Is Oneplus 12 Worth Buying? Oneplus 12 Review

The OnePlus 12 is one of the best Android phones of 2024. While maintaining the unique design of its predecessor, it is equipped with a more powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a large 5,400 mAh battery, and 50W wireless charging. The OnePlus 12 is a pro phone without a pro name, and it manages all this without breaking a budget.

Is Oneplus 12 Worth Buying?

The OnePlus 12 is another great phone from OnePlus. It has excellent battery life and advanced cameras, once again outperforming almost every phone you’ve ever touched; the display is beautiful and fast, the specs have it all, and it’s an excellent price. The specs are just as good as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and that phone costs $1,300, making the OnePlus 12 worth buying.

oneplus 12 price

Again, it would be best to consider whether this phone looks more attractive than phones from Google and Samsung. The OnePlus 12 feels like the OnePlus 11 evolved into its final form. It has everything the previous model had: it adds a larger battery, brings back wireless charging, and upgrades the Hasselblad-tuned camera for good measure.

OnePlus still needs to step up its software promises and has yet to embrace the AI revolution, but its latest flagship ticks all the boxes.

Reason to Buy:

  • Latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor
  • Eye-catching green colourway
  • Bright and clear display
  • Long-lasting battery life with fast wireless charging
  • Overall good performance
  • Budget price

Reason to get an alternative:

  • No AI features at launch
  • Limited water resistance

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Oneplus 12 Review

The first change you will notice is the updated design of the OnePlus 12. There’s no doubt about the phone’s lineage, boasting a circular camera bump almost identical to its predecessor, a familiar green and black finish, and a massive curved display that creeps ever closer to 7 inches.

More specifically, the OnePlus 12 now sports a 6.82-inch curved Gorilla Glass Victus 2 panel with a variable 120Hz refresh rate that can go down to 1Hz as needed and a peak brightness of a dazzling 4,500 nits. It’s unlikely to reach peak levels unless you use ProXDR processing in bright sunlight, but it’s still impressive.


On paper, the OnePlus 12 display is top tier. You get a 6.8-inch OLED display labelled ProXDR with LTPO that offers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It is QHD in resolution (3168×1440), supports colourer standards, is covered with Gorilla Glass Victus 2, and the maximum brightness level can reach 4500 nits. We have products for flagship phones.

what inspired the green cmf for the oneplus 12

How to use it is excellent. OnePlus has had impressive displays for a long time, so sometimes you wonder if they can improve from one device to the next. I think they are at it again with the OnePlus 12. The brightness level is terrific. I’m a massive fan of cell phones, which can get very dark when playing in bed and allow me to use my phone when I should.’ This phone hits a decent standard. You’ll also get phenomenal viewing angles that maintain vibrant colours to the extreme, touch responsiveness that rivals Google’s Pixel 8 Pro, and colour settings for the strictest display purists.

OnePlus offers varying levels of dark themes, displays that adjust to lighting environments, resolution settings, and sharpening/enhancement tools for images and videos. This is one area that OnePlus cares a lot about, and even though I’m not a display expert, I appreciate that they’re referring to those people.

Likewise, there’s an ultra anti-flicker option to help keep your display in excellent condition when you go to bed. The display on the OnePlus 12 is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and customizable displays I’ve ever used.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3

One of the best Android flagships, the OnePlus 12, uses the best silicon. In this case, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the new OnePlus phones take full advantage of the performance and power management improvements of Qualcomm’ssystem-on-a-chip.

Oneplus 12 Review

The OnePlu112 results in our Geekbench tests for general performance don’t match the results we saw in our Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra tests. This is probably a result of Samsung using a specially optimized Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 version for the phone.

The OnePlus 12 enjoys another advantage over the Galaxy S24 for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. No matter where you are, you know that OnePlus devices are powered by Qualcomm silicon. If you buy the standard Galaxy S24 outside of North America, you’ll get a phone powered by the Exynos 2400 system-on-chip.


The camera system on the OnePlus 12 is no joke. There is a primary 50MP Sony sensor (23mm) with f/1.6, an 85° field of view, a 64MP periscope telephoto lens with f/2.6 (33° FOV, 70mm-140mm), and an ultra-wide shooter (14mm). f/2.2 and 114° viewing angle. Combined, they easily reach the level of cameras in other high-end phones in terms of speed, flexibility, and point-and-shoot experience.

how much does the oneplus 12 cost

And for those who want more control, OnePlus includes a Master option that tells you to go into manual settings and let Hasselblad help you to some degree. I’ve taken this camera all over Portland, mostly in parks and beer neighbourhoods, and it has never failed me.

From close-up portraits to macros and landscapes, I was impressed by how easily this camera takes good photos. The camera app is straightforward but lets you quickly adjust things like exposure or different focal lengths.

Cameras automatically switch to different lenses as they read the environment, which is mostly fine. It may be a bit strange, but after doing the flip, the camera made the right choice, adjusted the lighting and focus appropriately, and often took better pictures than I had initially set up. This camera is very excellent to use.

More storage space

Although OnePlus promotes itself as a flagship manufacturer, it must make a significant effort to ensure that its devices outperform the competition in other areas of the spec sheet. Some companies release flagship phones with only 8GB of RAM. The base model of the OnePlus 12 comes with 12GB; for an extra $1,00, you can expand it to 16GB while doubling the storage.

Oneplus 12 5G

Regarding storage, the OnePlus 12 joins the Galaxy S24 Plus, Galaxy S24 Ultra, and iPhone 15 Pro Max, offering 256GB capacity for the base model. The other phones cost at least $200 more than the OnePlus 12, while the S24 Ultra starts at a $500 premium over the OnePlus phone’s truly flagship killer.

Battery and charging

OnePlus has equipped the OnePlus 12 with a massive 5400mAh battery. This is noticeably better than the 5000mAh battery in last year’s OnePlus 11. They also continued to offer 80W wired charging and added wireless charging again to stop complaining. The device’s wireless charging is 50W, faster than most wired charging technologies from Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google, Sony, and Motorola.

how long will oneplus 12 be supported

When OnePlus first spoke about the OnePlus 12 experience, they were trying to pitch the idea that it could legally last for two days on a single charge. They weren’t right, but this phone lasted a long time.

If you are a light user, you can use it for about 1.5 more days on a single charge. Heavy users will still want to plug it in at night to get 100% full performance when they wake up. I am a light user, leaving the screen on for 4 hours. Don’t set call times like I used to.

Wired charging took about 40 minutes from 20% to 100%—IIt’spretty fast. You can fill this out or take it from empty to full in no time. The wireless department will be briefly discussed here. 50W charging not tested. You don’t need fast wireless charging, although two fast wireless chargers are from OnePlus.

You will need wireless charging that you can use at night to charge your prely over that! Those who need fast charging can check out the 50W wireless speed, which can charge 100% in less than an hour. It will probably take about 45 minutes.

OnePlus 12 Price

The price of the OnePlus 12 is very affordable. The cost of the OnePlus 12 is $889. This means the 2024 flagship is cheaper than the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15 starting prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the OnePlus 12 have wireless charging?

Yes, the OnePlus 12 supports wireless charging speeds of up to 50W using the AirVOOC standard. The 50W AirVOOC charger lets you charge your phone wirelessly in under an hour. The OnePlus 12 also supports Qi wireless charging at much slower speeds.

How fast does the OnePlus 12 charge?

The handset comes with an 80-watt USB fast charger in the box. With an 80W charger, you can power your OnePlus 12 from empty to 50% in 12 minutes and 100% in 30 minutes.

Does the OnePlus 12 come with a screen protector or case?

The OnePlus 12 comes with a screen protector pre-installed but doesn’t come with a case.

Is the OnePlus 12 waterproof?

The OnePlus 12 has an IP rating of just 65, making it dust and water-resistant to medium-sized water jets. Although it’s not that big, some people want a fully waterproof phone.

Does the OnePlus 12 support eSIM and dual SIM?

Yes, the OnePlus 12 supports eSIM and dual SIM with either one nano-SIM or one eSIM.

Does the OnePlus 12 support NFC?

Yes, the OnePlus 12 supports NFC for wireless payments.

Does the OnePlus 12 have WIFI 7?

One area where the OnePlus 12 excels over the competition is wireless connectivity. The phone currently supports Wi-Fi 7.

What is the front camera on the OnePlus 12?

The OnePlus 12 sports a triple rear camera setup, with the front of the smartphone featuring a 32MP front camera with f/2.4 aperture.

Is the OnePlus 12 screen curved or flat?

In other words, the OnePlus 12 is more than just a phone with a curved screen.

Does the OnePlus 12 have a glass back?

Regarding the similarities, both phones come with Gorilla Victus 2 protection on the front and Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the back.

Does the OnePlus 12 have Dolby Vision?

The newly launched OnePlus 12 includes the latest advanced Snapdragon chip, a vibrant 120Hz OLED display with Dolby Vision support, and an improved camera system developed by Hasselblad. OnePlus has built a reputation for offering flagship-level specs and performance at prices that undercut its premium competition.

How long does the OnePlus 12 battery last?

The OnePlus 12 has the best battery life of any OnePlus phone I’ve tested. With a moderate to heavy usage pattern, I got nearly a day and a half of juice on a single charge.

What is the cooling system on the OnePlus 12?

This smartphone is equipped with the most extensive VC cooling system ever created by the brand. 9140mm² Dual Cryo-velocity VC improves heat dissipation efficiency and ensures smooth performance.

What is the maximum brightness of the OnePlus 12?

The OnePlus 12 is confirmed to come with a 2K resolution display with a peak brightness of up to 4,500 nits.

How many watts does the OnePlus 12 charge?

Power up with a 5400mAh battery, 100W SUPERVOOC and 50W AIRVOOC charging. Omni-directional antennas and Smart Link provide a faster, smoother, and more stable connection.

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