Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem 2024 Review

Motorola MB8611 is one of the popular DOCSIS 3.1 modems that can pair with any WiFi router and is approved for Comcast Xfinity, Cox Gigablast, and Spectrum with 2500 Mbps Max Internet Speed. 32 x 8 channel bonding, superior AQM technology, and a 2.5Gbps Ethernet port make it a future-ready cable modem for gigabit and multi-gigabit Internet plans.

Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem Review

Lightning-fast DOCSIS 3.1 performance

Delivers accurate gigabit-plus speeds. We support fast internet plans through Comcast Xfinity, Cox, and Spectrum. Backward compatible with 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0.

Pair with any WiFi router.

You can pair it with any WiFi router, including mesh or gaming routers, to share internet access across all your WiFi and Ethernet-enabled devices. However, this cable modem has no built-in wireless router or phone capabilities.

Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Speeds

The 2.5GB Ethernet port delivers proper high-speed connectivity to even the fastest routers and computers, delivering downstream speeds of less than 2,500 Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 800 Mbps when supported by your Internet service plan.

Fast Streaming, Meetings, and Gaming

Apply Active Queue Management (AQM) to reduce internet latency and improve app performance, including online gaming, meetings, and streaming.

Activate high-speed Internet

Featuring support for DOCSIS 3.1, the only standard capable of delivering speeds over 1 Gbps/sec, this modem is approved for all multi-gigabit speed tiers of Comcast Xfinity.

Excellent technology that pays for itself

Eliminate monthly cable modem lease costs and save an average of $168 per year on your Comcast Xfinity bill.
Note: Actual savings vary by service provider.

Easy setup with future-proof

Enjoy a simple setup process with power, coaxial cable, and Ethernet connections. Lightning-fast DOCSIS 3.1 performance with backward compatibility with 32×8 DOCSIS 3.0.

Fastest response time with proactive protection

It provides low latency to speed up interactive games and save energy. Protect your investment with robust lightning and power surge circuitry.

Is Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Multi-Gig Cable Modem worth buying in 2024?

The Motorola MB8611 isn’t the cheapest cable modem on the market, but is not the most expensive. So, if you buy something more affordable, there is a considerable risk that you will pay more in the long run. Because the Motorola MB8611 is likely to work for many years to come. Slow modems, especially DOCSIS 3.0, may only work briefly.

That said, you should know that cheaper alternatives like the Motorola MB8600 will offer the same performance as long as you don’t have an internet plan that exceeds 2000 Mbps. Please read Motorola MB8600 vs MB8611 Specs, Differences, Similarities, and Full Comparison for details.

Which router works best with the Motorola MB8611?

Cable modems work with a variety of routers. However, we recommend purchasing one with a 2.5G WAN port. TP-Link Archer AX90, a tri-band WiFi 6 router, can be a good option for your Motorola MB8611 modem.

Is the MB8611 a suitable modem for gamers?

Yes, Motorola MB8611, with Active Queue Management support and enhanced IPv6-based quality of service and prioritization features, minimizes latency, making it one of the better gaming modems.

Will Motorola MB8611 work well on low-speed internet plans?

You can use the MB8611 with your low-speed cable Internet plan to maximize throughput by relying primarily on your wired connection.


The Motorola MB8611 is one of the more reliable multi-gig cable modems best known for its forward-looking connectivity standards and enviable processing setup in 2024. Best of all, this is an excellent buy as it is one of the few devices that offers surge protection support to increase the lifespan of the internal circuitry.

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