What Phones Are Coming Out in 2021?

Smartphones have come a long way. In 1995 we used a mobile phone with a small screen and snail speed Internet Smartphones. After a series of nice and fast technological advances, smartphone technology has grown exponentially and paved the way for feature-rich devices. But what’s the next step in technology in new phones coming out in 2021?

New era technologies such as 5G networks and artificial intelligence are adding the spice it needs to excite. But what are the new competition areas for smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Huawei, Google, etc.?  In this article, we’ve put together some of the new phones coming out with the set to revolutionize the entire scenario in 2021.

Top new phones coming out 2021

We will be regularly updating our list of the best new Smartphones coming out in 2021.

List of all upcoming Apple iPhone phones 2021

Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to introduce other major changes, such as a variety of size options, a revamped design, a foldable design, and a new three-dimensional camera similar to the iPad Pro’s new Lidar sensor. Here’s everything we know about Apple’s new phones coming out in 2021.

Best New Smartphones 2021

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13

We all know that the latest iPhone XR’s LCD screen has had a lukewarm reaction. You can see the whole shift from iPhone XIII to the OLED screen. Needless to say, the next-generation iPhone will surely support 5G networks. Apart from that, you can expect some really cool things powered by AI. Apple is working on a new set of chips called the new bionic chip.

This chip is specifically intended to accelerate AI-based processes. Apple will likely provide a camera function that runs on top of a powerful artificial intelligence program. You can see a personalized camera app that studies different modes and users’ aesthetic preferences and adjusts camera settings.

According to reports, the iPhone coming in 2021 will have a line of antennas wider than 1mm to ensure 5G connectivity on the device. Additionally, Apple is said to be testing a new Face ID and new camera settings that fit the device’s top bezel on the upcoming iPhone.

Even if you are a smartphone vlogger and you often make vlogs Apple iPhone 13 is one of the new best Phones coming out in 2021. This clearly shows that Apple is developing a new notchless device in 2021. The leaker, Ice Universe, also mentioned that Apple is working on an adjustable refresh rate screen on iPhones in 2021, which will be 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates.

According to MacRumours, they have seen a secret report that Apple will bring significant design changes to the iPhone in 2021 or the future and come with a metal frame structure. The iPhone 12 is claimed to be a notch-free device, while the device’s border is used as a fingerprint scanner.

iPhone 13 Price

We expect these to be at the same price as the iPhone 12 range, so they are $699, $799, $999, and $1,099 respectively. Apple tends to keep its pricing structure fairly strict from generation to generation, so I don’t expect the sticker price to increase.

iPhone 13 Release Date

If the iPhone 13 release date follows Apple’s pattern of previous releases, you can see this device launch on the 4th Friday of September 2021. It will be on September 24th, 2021.

iPhone X Fold

iPhone X Fold

So, while it was confirmed that Apple’s foldable phone did not exist in 2019, we all know that the company has already reserved a patent for the foldable device. Rumors are spreading in the market that Apple will release its first foldable phone called the iPhone X Fold in 2021.

You can take a look at the patent image indicating that the new phones coming out in 2021 will be foldable smartphones. There are also a few real fan-made renderings showing how accurate this device will be. However, not much has been officially confirmed, and everything is going on based on rumors.

For the specs, you can expect Apple to use top-notch hardware to look beautiful inside with iPhone’s best Accessories you can even make it more beautiful and easier. Foldable technology is a very new technology in the market, so it is still very expensive as there are very few resources available.

iPhone X Fold Price

This time, Samsung’s foldable device comes with a price tag of around $2,000, so the price will be really high, so you can expect the iPhone X Fold to be at a similar price. The excepted price of this is around USD 2,000.

iPhone X Fold release date

Apple today released a new report in China that it has begun sending foldable iPhones to its assembly partner Foxconn, which is due for release in September 2022.

Apple iPhone SE Plus

Apple iPhone SE Plus

With the announcement of the iPhone SE in 2020, rumors began to circulate about larger models. Some people wonder if the Plus model could fit into the iPhone 8 Plus space if the iPhone SE essentially brings the iPhone 8 body. With the new iPhone 12 mini getting a lot more expensive than the SE.

iPhone SE Plus 2021 Price

Likewise, we haven’t heard any official words about the price of the iPhone SE Plus. Given that the SE 2020’s starting price tag is lower than the latest official price for the iPhone 8 before it was discontinued at $399/£419/AU$749, it wouldn’t be too far off to speculate that it will be the SE Plus. It’s cheaper than the iPhone 8 Plus’s last official price of $549 (£579, AU$949).

iPhone SE Plus Release Date

There are rumors that the iPhone SE Plus is at least working. Unfortunately, eminent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that the iPhone SE Plus will not be visible until the second half of 2021.

iPhone SE 2 Plus

iPhone SE 2 Plus

Apple’s compact iPhone model has been rumored for too long, claiming that it will be released with the iPhone 9 rather than the previously rumored iPhone SE 2, but with all this information coming to the market, it finally launched a device called the iPhone SE.

It is by far one of Apple’s best small smartphones on the market. With this device, you can do more things than other high-end Apple phones can do. Many people are buying it because they liked the compact and very convenient design similar to the previous series of smartphones.

This is possible because the iPhone SE 2021 has had great success in the market. Since not everyone likes the mini iPhone on a budget, the Plus variant could be an alternative to the mini iPhone SE.

iPhone SE 2 Plus price

For £419, the iPhone SE 2 offered a fairly good value over some of its competitors. The charm of the SE family is partly in the price, so this time you’ll see something completely no different. Expect a similar price point for the SE 2 Plus.

With the release of the iPhone SE 2 Plus, both 4G and 5G versions will likely be released. The 5G version is obviously a bit more expensive.

iPhone SE 2 Plus Release date

Ming-Chi Kuo, an eminent Apple analyst, has suggested that the iPhone SE 2 Plus will launch in the first half of 2021. This is not clear, but Kuo has a good track record in predicting Apple’s releases and product updates. This release date will bring the SE 2 Plus to the market after the new flagship iPhone 12.

This will give iPhone buyers a choice to fit a variety of budgets. This can be an even more important consideration as you navigate the economic turmoil caused by Coronavirus infection -19: Corona 19.

List of best new android phones coming out 2021

Looking at some Android phones released, it was very convincing, but it’s just the tip of the upcoming iceberg. Expect to have even more amazing phones from 2021 foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy F3.

Samsung is expected to release a foldable phone in 2019, but it has already been delayed to fix some issues but has not announced a new date. Like them, most brands and carriers are working hard to bring 5G phones to market by 2021.

Let’s take a look at some of the new Android phones coming out in 2021.

New Phones 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21/S30

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Samsung always hits the news with a few amazing things. The leaked information suggests that your Samsung Galaxy Note21 or S30 can provide some cool features right away as Samsung provided us the best features on Samsung Galaxy S10 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, new Samsung smartphones has more features than Samsung ever provided.

There is a looks for a future S21 smartphone variant that gives details that it will be packaged with a 4,000mAh battery. The 3C certification does not state the device, but the model number clearly shows it is the Galaxy S21 series. The basic model of a smartphone named (EB-BG991ABY) is equipped with a 3,880mAh battery, and the top model has equipped with an (EB-BG996ABY) 4,660mAh battery.

However, at the same time it uses a 120Hz display panel, so this time the default version of the device can reduce battery backup time. But it is entirely up to them how they will manage it. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 Plus has a decent 4,500mAh battery.

According to the news, Samsung’s new phones coming out in 2021 will be equipped with the latest powerful Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 875 processor. It comes in 8GB RAM and /128/256, and storage is also available in 12GB/512GB variants. The device also supports the eSIM function, which is also found in the S20 series smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Release date

Samsung Galaxy S21 will release on 14th January 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S30 Release date

The smartphone’s release date is not confirmed. We look forward to the exact release date of this smartphone coming soon.

Samsung Galaxy F3

Samsung Galaxy F 3

We will see quite a few good foldable smartphones in 2021. It’s not just Motorola. Even South Koren’s tech giant Samsung is preparing a second foldable phone called the Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung has already released the 2019 version of this device. We are preparing for the next generation of devices. Google is developing an efficient Android OS for the foldable interface, which is at the heart of the sudden foldable device trend.

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy F3 has a 6000mAh battery capacity. With the Galaxy 11 with the full display without a bezel and the Galaxy F3 with the foldable interface, 2021 will be a real year for the upcoming Samsung phones. It will be the successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was not good in the market. According to many reports, the display cracked at the end and there were few other problems with this device.

A meeting was recently held at CES where the smartphone’s name leaked to Galaxy Bloom, and the next galaxy is likely to have a very unique and better name than the current galaxy. Over time, new information and rumors remain about this device. It is said to use ultra-thin glass instead of the plastic film seen in the first generation of this device.

Rumor has it that this phone has a camera capable of shooting 8K videos along with 4G and 5G capabilities. There is also hope that Samsung’s new foldable phone will have a notch-less screen with an S Pen inside. According to the previous variant, the device has a second screen, but there are rumors that the size is larger than the current one.

Samsung Galaxy F 3 Release date

The smartphone’s release date is not confirmed. We look forward to the exact release date of this smartphone coming soon.

OnePlus 9, 9T, and 9 Pro

OnePlus 9, 9T, and 9 Pro

It is expected to launch in the late summer of 2021, and the device will be referred to as the successor to the OnePlus 8 and 8T. OnePlus is a well-known value in smartphone manufacturing worldwide, and its sales are increasing every day. Countries like India and China have a large fanbase due to their budget-friendly gadgets.

Talking about the OnePlus 8 series, it was the best budget smartphone in every way, from price to specifications it offers. The OnePlus 9 series will include many exclusive features as the company hints about 5G compatibility in upcoming smartphones 2021 this feature is such helpful as Android Phone Accessories are helpful.

There are very few details about this device that it has a 6.5-inch 120Hz standard display with a pure slim design. Packed with dual front cameras and the second camera can be for wide-angle selfies.

OnePlus 9, 9T, and 9 Pro

The OnePlus 9 release date may be mid-March 2021, and industry sources are talking about Android Central. That said, the OnePlus 9 will launch a few weeks earlier than usual.

OnePlus 9 series price

We don’t know the exact price of the OnePlus 9, but knowing the OnePlus would be a pretty cheap phone. The price of the OnePlus 8 started at $699, but the starting price of the OnePlus 8T rose to $749. Obviously, higher storage options cost more.

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The starting price for the OnePlus 8 Pro was $899 for 128GB and $999 for 256GB. Currently, the OnePlus 9 pro is expected to cost at least $749 for the lower storage options, but we will be watching for leaks.

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Motorola Moto Edge 5G

Motorola Edge + 2 5G

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Motorola is constantly striving to compete for the smartphone of the future. How can Motorola lag where Xiaomi, OnePlus, and other companies are impressed by the latest innovations. The new Motorola Edge + 5G 2 is working as a successor to the previous smartphone. The phone displays a large edge waterfall display, triple rear, and single front punch hole camera.

For the specs, you’ll have a 6-inch+ curved display with FHD+ or 4K resolution, and you’ll see a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which is common in flagship devices today. Here is the good news for the gamer who wants the best budget gaming smartphones, Motorola Edge + 2 5G is powered by 8GB and 12GB RAM along with the latest Snapdragon 875 chipset.

The leaked information explained that the smartphone has a bigger battery that can run instantly on Android 10. As the name suggests, it will be a pure 5G capable smartphone. The launch date of the device is still unclear, but it is expected to be released soon. Interestingly, the price of a smartphone can be close to competitors such as OnePlus and Xiaomi in this category.

Motorola Edge + 2 5G price

The Motorola Edge is priced at £549/$699 (approximately AU$1,015) with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. There are no alternative configuration options.

Motorola Edge + 2 5G release date

You can buy this phone in the UK right now, and Motorola has confirmed it will launch in the US starting July 31st, 2021. We don’t know when, but the phone will be available in Australia too. You can buy online and get a temporary $200 discount as well.

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Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10

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It seems that Xiaomi is ready to unveil an amazing smartphone that will be released in 2021. Rumor has it, the Xiaomi Mi 10 may have a Super AMOLED 6.5-inch waterfall display at a refresh rate of 90Hz or higher. Xiaomi Mi 10 will provide Highest Megapixel Front Camera, a 180-megapixel triple rear camera is expected to be better than the Note 10, and a pop-up selfie camera on the rear comes out of the box.

For the Mi 10, you can use the Adreno 760 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with 12Gig RAM. The onboard internal storage is expected to have a /128/256/512GB variant and a dedicated memory slot to accommodate up to 512GB storage space scalability.

Xiaomi’s best new Phone coming out in 2021 has 5G-capable, according to strong rumors, and you can expect to be powered by a 5000mAh non-removable battery. However, at the moment there is nothing officially clear about this device and the market is full of rumors, but as we enter 2021, the scenario will begin to clear up.

Xiaomi Mi 10 price

Considering that the Mi 10 Pro is already selling in Europe for €999 ($1,080, £870), the actual price of the Mi 10 Ultra is likely to be even higher when it starts selling. We estimate from $1,300 to $1,400.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Release date

The Mi 10 Ultra was announced in China on August 11th as part of Xiaomi’s 10th-anniversary celebration. It will be available for purchase from August 16th in mainland China.

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Motorola Razr V4

Motorola Razr V4

The Motorola Razr was released in 2004. It was a great success and eventually became the world’s best-selling phone to this day. More than 130 million units have been sold in four years thanks to its thin appearance and striking appearance. However, after a long wait, they launched a fresh and futuristic version of a new smartphone 2021, now named Motorola Razr, 2021. Surprisingly, it costs over 1500 dollars.

This is much more expensive than the latest iPhones on the market. But these days, collapsible technology is so expensive that it’s just right somewhere. Flexible and collapsible OLED-based design facilitates clamshell access. As per the image above, there is a secondary display in the center and a single-lens camera in the upper half of the back. But what will be the next device in 2021? Of course, it is upgraded to the current device and the name is very similar.

The upcoming Razr is expected to be a more stable and robust device. You can also see the latest processors and the highest quality display resolutions.

Motorola Razr V4

The Motorola Razr is priced at $1,499 in Verizon, USA. You can fully pay for the device or subscribe to a payment plan and pay $62.49 per month for the next 24 months.

Motorola Razr V4

The Motorola Razr 2020 was announced on September 9, 2020, and was released in the United States on October 2. It’s not clear when Motorola Razr V4 will release in other regions, but you can pre-order it in the UK now.

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Phone

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable SmartPhone

Microsoft is now one of the world’s largest technology companies trying to reach out again in the smartphone industry. Even after making Nokia from Hero to Zero, even Nokia will not be able to return properly. In The Verge’s report, sources said Microsoft has big plans for foldable technology, this time developing a foldable device such as Smartwatches 2021, and said we launched the foldable device Surface Duo. It’s not as good as we expected, but in 2021 we started cooking futuristic gadgets.

They will make a big investment in this file, and the company also plans to revise its Windows platform for foldable devices, and they plan to create many useful built-in apps that work on foldable or dual-screen devices.

After that, we can clearly say that at Mircosoft’s home, something is being prepared that could be released by 2021. So finally they are launching a Foldable Smartphone. We will have many new features to see.

Microsoft Andromeda Foldable Phone release date

Microsoft’s Foldable smartphone release date is not confirmed. We look forward to the exact release date of this smartphone coming soon.

What to look for when you’re buying the Phone?

Upcoming Best Phones 2021

We must see how successful foldable phones in the new era are. Motorola definitely spends money on the fragrances of the Razr series, and Samsung offers very little. There are a few rumors that Apple will roll out an externally foldable phone in 2021, but you have to wait until you hear from an authoritative source.

In 2021, there will be a significant shift from 4G to 5G networks. The recently unveiled Xiaomi Mi Mix 3s has a screen-to-body ratio of 90% and has few bezels. Such as iPhone XS, Vivo Nex, etc. You can definitely see a 100% bezel-free phone and in most cases the Samsung Galaxy 11 is most likely the first 100% bezel-free phone.

AI will definitely be the next big thing. OEMs are coming out with powerful AI chips that can improve battery efficiency and security. Huawei has invested $10 billion in R&D in 2018 and has committed to investing at least $20 billion in 2019 and 2021. Needless to say, the main share is geared towards artificial intelligence.

You’ll soon see thousands of apps in the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store, where you can take advantage of AI-powered features. You can already get a glimpse of AI-powered features in Google’s Android P.

List of New Phones Released in 2021

So hopefully you have found your best phone to buy. Don’t forget to tell us which phone you are going to buy from these new phones coming out in 2021.

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