How Long Does Samsung Support Galaxy S24 Phones

How Long Does Samsung Support Galaxy S24 Phones?

Samsung Galaxy S23 software updates will be completed by 2027, including one year of the final version. So, considering this, how long will Samsung support Galaxy S24 phones? Let’s find the answer.

How Long Does Samsung Support Galaxy S24 Phones?

Samsung’s current smartphones offer five years of security support. The Samsung Galaxy S24’s vision of supporting devices for longer is in line with Samsung, and considering the upcoming new regulations, Samsung is preparing to go beyond the current five-year support period.

How Long will Samsung Support Galaxy S24

Since Google now provides seven years of security updates, Samsung will likely offer updates to match that number. There are many moving parts to this mix of software and hardware, but one of the most important factors is the length of support the chipset offers.

Just as it becomes easier for Google to support its Tensor mobile chipsets, Samsung should also have access to the technical information it needs to keep its Exynos-based devices up to date through 2031 and beyond.

Support for Snapdragon-based smartphones will depend partly on Qualcomm continuing to provide similar beneficiaries for its popular system-on-a-chip options.

With Google piling on the pressure with its seven-year declaration, Samsung will be eager to live up to the offer. All eyes will be on the upcoming Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra to see if the Korean company can last long.

Samsung Galaxy S24 phones will be supported till Android 19 to 20 updates

How Long Does Samsung Support their Phones

Samsung will provide security patches for the S24 family for seven years. That means your smartphone will be safe until at least 2031, when you’ll be eyeing the next cutting-edge flagship.

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