Light Phone 3 Release Date

Light Phone 3 Release Date, Price, Rumors, and PreOrder

The Light company is set to release the Light Phone 3 with a new display, cameras, and a few other features that Tang says most users can’t live without. The goal is to create a more straightforward, less attractive smartphone that you can use when you want to take a second look. But this time, you may be replacing your smartphone for good.

The most significant change in the Lite Phone 3 is the new display. The E Ink screen is gone, replaced by a 3.92-inch black and white OLED panel. E Ink, refresh rate – almost 50% of users couldn’t get used to it,” says Tang. That’s the main reason they give up. At 1080 x 1240 pixels, it’s not the most impressive screen you’ll ever see, but it refreshes faster and will feel more user-friendly.

Light Phone 3 Release Date

You can also control brightness using the new scroll wheel on the left. The Lite Phone 2’s lack of a camera was another reason the new model has a rear camera. But it’s not a typical smartphone setup. There is a 50-megapixel camera on the back and an 8-megapixel camera on the front, each with a fixed focal length and center focus.

It’s excellent for QR code scanning and video chatting. Because it has a dedicated shutter button, Tang says it feels more like an older film camera than an iPhone. No editing or sharing is required; just record the moment if you need to.

Apart from that, the device has various features that can be called future-proof upgrades. There’s an NFC chip there because Light wants tLightegrate payments at some point. Now, there’s a USB-C port for everyone. You can replace the batteries yourself, allowing you to use your device longer.

It has a fingerprint reader, Qualcomm SM 4450 processor, 128GB of storage, and 6GB of RAM. Everything comes in a slightly larger box than before. Tang calls it  BlackBerry-sized compared to the credit-card-sized Light Phone 2. The aluminum buttons on the side are also made to last a long time.

Light Phone 3 Release Date

The new phone is available for pre-order now, and the upcoming Light Phone 3 is scheduled to begin shipping in January 2025. The current price is $399, but Tang said he’s not sure what the final price will be. It depends on how much the Light sells.

According to company promotional material, the Light Phone 3 will retail for $799, which is dangerously close to full-fledged smartphone territory. However, the company hopes to sell enough devices to make it a bit cheaper to produce, which may lower the final price.

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Are there any benefits to pre-ordering the Light Phone 3?

Yes, there are some benefits to pre-ordering. If you pre-order, you’ll receive a call from your first shipment. The current pre-order price is $399, which is less than the regular price of $799. This price will increase once the pre-order goal is met, so pre-order early to get the best deal.

Light Phone 3 Rumors

Tang and the Light team have now spent years trying to figure out how to manage this. They created simple tools for music, podcasts, calendars, navigation, and notes. They’re considering integrating the Spotify API, building a way to run Uber or Lyft on Light Phone, making payments, sending voice notes, and more.

He’s also interested in integrating with Beeper to add more messaging services. Aside from endless feed apps, Tang reminds us that Light isn’t completely against apps.

It’s about combating the clutter of modern smartphones and finding better ways to give people the features they want without the confusion that often comes with them. Striking a balance is a tricky thing.

Light also used ChatGPT and other AI tools to see if there was a way to give users more information without giving them endless news feeds and engagement bait. He says Light’s users are the company that sets those boundaries, and they don’t want to lead people astray by overdoing the feature set.

In a sense, the Light Phone 3 is the lightest device the company has ever made. More features, more features, more things to do and manipulate. But Tang hopes this will help with a bigger goal: getting people away from their smartphones and the endless notifications and feeds they contain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pre-order?

Pre-orders are available at a discounted price starting at $399. Additionally, delivery will begin in the order in which your order was placed. That means the earlier you order, the sooner you’ll receive your Light Phone III.

You can join our community by pre-ordering Light Phone III. We’ll continue to share progress updates and surveys to help you design your phone-based other priorities. Please help us create the best Lite phone.

Can I buy the Light Phone III now?

No. The Light Phone III is currently not available for immediate purchase. Pre-orders are only available on the Light Phone website.

Will there be a light phone 3? When will Light Phone III be released?

Yes, there will be a new updated Light Phone 3. The Light Phone III is expected to begin shipping to the earliest pre-order customers in January 2025. This is an estimated schedule, so delays are always possible.

What happens after I pre-order Light Phone III?

Once you pre-order, you will receive a confirmation email with an estimated delivery date. Light Phone keeps the production process updated through blogs and email communications.

What happens to pre-orders if the release date changes?

Light Phone will notify you by email of any changes to the release date. If there’s a delay, your pre-order is still valid, and you’ll receive your phone as soon as the phone is available.

Can Light Phone III be purchased from other retailer sites besides the Light Phone website?

There is no official confirmation yet on whether the Light Phone III will be available on any retail platform other than the Light Phone website. You can check their website or social media for future updates on broader availability.

When can I receive my phone?

The upcoming Light Phone 3 is scheduled to start shipping in January 2025 with the earliest available pre-orders. Pre-order now to secure your spot on the next available phone. We’re Phoneelling an initial batch of the Light Phone III, so the estimated delivery date reflects our current estimated schedule for that phone.

How much does it cost?

Pre-orders are available at a discount starting at $399, half the retail price of $799. The pre-order price does not include taxes or shipping costs. As we pass important milestones in pre-production and development and get closer to launch, our pre-order prices will increase. The subsequent $100 pre-order price increase is July 16th.

Who manufactures Lightphone 3?

Light III was designed in Brooklyn and Taiwan in collaboration with Foxconn. It will be assembled at Foxconn near Shenzhen on the Chinese mainland.

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