Blu Vivo Xi+ Specs, Features, Pros & Cons and Full Review

The VIVO XI+ comes with the MediaTek Helio P60 chipset. A built-in microSD card allows for an additional 128GB of storage. Face Unlock combines face recognition and iris scanning for instant unlocking. Fingerprint security ensures complete security for your important applications and files. The Blu Vivo Xi plus phone is compatible with all Qi wireless charging pads. Let’s find the Blu Vivo Xi+ phone specs, features, Pros & Cons, and full review 2022.

Blu Vivo Xi+ full Review 2022

The BLU Vivo XI+ was released in August 2018. It’s a bit outdated but the phone has standard features like a dual camera, full-screen minimal bezel design with face unlock, and wireless charging. You can usually find these features on phones that cost almost thousands of dollars, but with the Vivo XI+, you can get these for a much lower price.

Blu Vivo Xi+ The Largest Storage Mobile Phone of 2022


The Vivo XI+ is an exception to this comprehensive statement. The frame is designed with meeting glass and metal with stylish curved edges. There’s a fair bit of weight to the device we’ve come to expect from more expensive phones. It looks and feels like a flagship handset for a fraction of the price.

The hardware and features that we’re able to fit into the slim frame of the Vivo XI+ are amazing. These include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, dual cameras, Qi charging support, and infrared-powered face unlock.

As for the physical buttons and connections, the Vivo XI+ has a power switch and a volume rocker to the right of the display. On the left are a microSD card and a dual SIM tray. At the bottom is a USB 2.0 Type-C port along with a speaker grill. The headphone jack was a welcome addition.


The BLU Vivo XI+ features a 6.2-inch full-screen display with HD+ (1080 × 2246 pixels) resolution. It uses Gorilla Glass 3 screen protector to minimize damage if you accidentally drop your phone.

With a 19:9 aspect ratio, the Vivo XI+ has a noticeably longer screen than most smartphones. It should also be pointed out that the significant notch at the top of the display can be distracting. Nevertheless, it can be easily toggled on and off by swiping down from the top left of the screen.

This gesture control allows you to go from a 19:9 aspect ratio to an 18:9 aspect ratio with one swipe. The decision to keep the notch on the display will largely depend on your opinion and preferences. It doesn’t offer any additional benefits other than the expanded view.

It has a very cool color temperature and tends to favor supersaturated shades. In addition, the color reproduction is inaccurate and the viewing angle is moderate. On the other hand, the maximum brightness of this device is 525 nits, so it can be used outdoors.


The default camera set on the BLU Vivo XI+ is split into 16MP and 5MP combos. The second sensor is responsible for depth perception and subject focus in portrait photography. Meanwhile, the front camera is a Pixel Crunch 16MP shooter.

Unfortunately, the camera’s performance is disappointing, with some advantages as expected. The phase-detection autofocus function of laser focus allows you to quickly focus on the subject. However, the photos come out completely lacking in detail.

Camera quality is even worse in low light conditions. The image comes out soft and blurry with a lot of noise. What’s more, the color accuracy is terrifying as the colors fade and appear blurry. A photo taken in a well-lit environment may suffice for a social media post, but that’s it.

On the bright side, there are different shooting modes to diversify the package. The video quality on Vivo XI+ doesn’t get any better. The rear camera is maximized to Full HD resolution without the Quad HD option. Video suffers from choppy frame rates and lack of detail, especially in dark environments. Also, there is too much noise in the picture in low light conditions.


The BLU Vivo XI+ is powered by a MediaTek Helio P60 (Octa-Core 2.0GHz) processor and 6GB RAM. The Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset offers a more reliable option, but the manufacturer, of course, had to cut costs. Still, the horsepower is enough to handle everyday phone tasks like replying to emails, browsing the Internet, and posting to social media. You can’t expect it to be as responsive as a flagship smartphone, but it’s not bad enough to be a problem.

If you plan on using the Vivo XI+ for mobile gaming, you will be disappointed. This device is too weak to handle most graphics-intensive games. You will only experience choppy frame rates that are hard to recommend for video games.

Even more positive, the Vivo XI+ space comes with a whopping 128GB of internal storage. This capacity itself is hard to get your head around, but there are still options to expand your storage. Double your storage space with a 128GB microSD card. Provides tons of space for applications, images, videos, games, and other files.

Battery Life

The BLU Vivo XI+ houses an impressive Li-Po 3050mAh battery. The battery capacity isn’t great in any sense, but it can provide great life. This phone lasts all day and you can expect to have some juice left before going to sleep.

The Vivo XI+ is also the first BLU phone support for Qi wireless charging. You’ll have a hard time finding a device with this state-of-the-art feature in the same price range.

For a cheap smartphone, the Vivo XI+ has an excellent battery. If you want a decent product that doesn’t require charging two or three times a day, this device is a smart choice.


BLU Vivo XI+ runs on Android 8.1 Oreo by default. It has an almost stock version of Android-like skin with few pre-installed applications. Also, since the included applications are not carrier-branded software, you can permanently delete many applications.

Vivo XI+ also offers a variety of gestures and settings to help create a more personalized user experience. You can tweak things like display notch, navigation settings, camera options, and facial recognition unlock to make your device more suitable.

In the past, BLU had a bad reputation for lack of support in the form of software updates. Shortly after the Vivo XI+ launch, the company promised to release an Android 9.0 Pie update around the first quarter of last year.

Blu Vivo Xi+

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-o-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]Premium build quality
Great Storage can be upgraded
Fingerprint and facial recognition unlock
Support Qi wireless charging
Upgradable to Android 9.0 Pie.[/i2pros][i2cons]Disappointing camera performance
Not suitable for games.[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Blu Vivo Xi Plus Guide

How to update the software on BLU Vivo XI+?

To update your Android version to the latest version on your BLU Vivo XI+, unlock your phone and swipe up to access the app launcher.

Then find and open the Settings app, select the software update option. Alternatively, search for software updates at the top of the Settings app search bar.

Then click the Check for updates now option to check and download the latest BLU software from your BLU Vivo XI+ using your mobile or Wi-Fi data.

If a BLU software update is available on your BLU Vivo XI+, you will be prompted to “download and install” or schedule the latest update.

Now click the Download and Install button to start the update process. After downloading, the BLU Vivo XI+ device will restart and the update will be complete.

Your BLU smartphone is now updated with the latest software with recent changes and security patches.

Benefits of updates:

Software and firmware updates for the BLU Vivo XI+ make the device run more smoothly without any issues as device manufacturers release updates that fix bugs and issues in previous versions. Also, some Android software updates may improve camera performance.

How to troubleshoot software update issues on BLU Vivo XI Plus?

Soft restart the BLU Vivo XI+ to fix the software update issue.

Then transfer the update zip file to the Android root folder and restart the device to start the update process. Then tap the update notification to start the update.

That’s it.

How to take a screenshot on Vivo XI+?

On your BLU Vivo XI+ phone, go to the screen where you want to take a screenshot.

Press the volume down button and power button together on your Vivo XI+ and release it after a few seconds.

If your BLU device has a physical home button, press and holds the home button and power button at the same time to take a screenshot.

You will hear a screenshot sound and you will also see a floating screenshot in the lower-left corner (if you are using Android 8 or higher) indicating that the screenshot was taken successfully.

Click the floating screenshot thumbnail image to view or edit the screenshot or click the screenshot notification on older BLU devices.

After editing, you can share the screenshot using the Share button on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Email, etc.

Where are screenshots stored on the BLU Vivo XI+?

  • The BLU Vivo XI+ screenshots you take are saved in the Screenshots folder inside the Photos or Gallery app.
  • Open the Google Photos or Gallery app in BLU and click the Library icon.
  • In Photos on your device, open the Screenshots folder to view the screenshots you took.
  • Click the screenshot you want to view and share.

How to hard reset the BLU Vivo XI+?

Charge your mobile at least 10% to 25% before taking a break on the BLU Vivo XI+.

Now when you are ready, press and hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time for a few seconds. If your phone has a physical home button, if the above doesn’t work, press the home button + volume up button.

Release the button when you see the BLU boot screen or the Android bot fast boot screen.

Enter the recovery mode option or press the power button once when you see the Android bot logo. Use the volume up or down button to select the “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” option and use the power key to confirm.

The data and cache of the BLU phone will be cleared. This operation cannot be restored. The message “Wipe All User Data” is displayed. Now select the “Yes” option from the list and confirm with the power button.

The BLU phone now displays the message “Deleting data/formatting data“. After a few minutes, the hard reset or master reset process will be complete.

This will restart your Vivo XI+ and bring you to the BLU Android Settings screen.

FAQs about Blu Vivo Xi+

Who is the blue phone manufacturer?

BLU Products is an American company based in Miami. BLU rebrands low-cost mobile phones manufactured by ODMs such as QiKU, Gionee, Doogee, and Tinno Mobile. The name BLU stands for Bold Like Us.

Does the Blu Vivo Xi+ have WiFi calling capabilities?

The Vivo XI+ does not support Wi-Fi calling but does support VoLTE.

Does the Blu Vivo Xi+ work with Verizon?

The popular and successful BLU VIVO XI+ is the first BLU smartphone to be certified and compatible with the Verizon network. The phone is offering consumers a prepaid MasterCard plus an activated free SIM card as part of Verizon’s Get Your Device promotion.

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