Longines HydroConquest Review

Longines HydroConquest Review in 2024

The most modern Longines HydroConquest watch models are available in two case sizes, 41 and 43 mm, in four dial colors, Blue, Sunray Grey, Black, and Matte Green, with a choice of stainless steel bracelet or rubber strap, all priced under $1000.

A robust diver watches with water resistance to 300 meters, the Longines HydroConquest has adapted to the latest trends in watchmaking. Models in this family from 2018 now come with polished ceramic bezels and display other design tweaks that helped a lot to improve their rugged look.

Longines HydroConquest

Before we go into the Longines HydroConquest review section, let’s find some basic answers about the Longines HydroConquest watch.

Is Longines a good watch brand in 2024?

According to Quora, Longines is a Swiss luxury watch brand headquartered in Saint-Emier, Switzerland. The brand has developed a strong relationship with transforming the sports industry, creating watches ideal for those interested in diving, hiking, auto racing, horse racing, and tennis.

Is Longines a good watch brand?

The brand is one of the world’s most famous Swiss diving watch manufacturers and is still considered a wise investment for anyone looking to purchase these luxurious watches.

Longines HydroConquest Review 2024

The Longines HydroConquest dive watch is a work of art in itself. It features a stainless steel case with a diameter of 41 mm. This allows them to remain water-resistant up to 300 meters.

So, it is a durable item that is comfortable to wear. It gives the wearer an excellent feel. The durability you can see and feel with this watch will give divers the confidence to take it into deep water without worry.

Case-Longines HydroConquest

In a rugged 43mm case, the HydroConquest feels snug on the wrist. But this isn’t the cumbersome hockey puck of the watch, and you can tell that Longines’ designers have gone through an ergonomic process. The fact that it’s ‘short’ 12mm thick, with the legs bent and the bracelet sliding off the case, means the watch is flush with your wrist.

Longines HydroConquest case

A distinctive feature of the HydroConquest is the protective structure built around the crown. Two angled crown guards protrude from the right side of the case to protect the crown. The crown is also large and equipped with ridges for better grip. Most cases have a matte brushed finish, making them perfect for tool watches where you don’t want the surface to be scratched or exposed to a glossy finish.

However, particular areas, such as the crown, the notch in the bezel, and the inner links of the bracelet, are polished to add a bit of contrast. The steel bracelet has a double folding buckle and an integrated diving extension.

Longines HydroConquest Dial

The trendy blue dial has a shiny finish with pleasant reflections. But before we look at the dial, let’s look at the obstacles in the date window. HydroConquest did a great job with this feature without beheading any numbers.

Longines HydroConquest Dial

Large Arabic numerals at the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions are characteristic of this watch and contribute to its individuality. The Arabic numeral position at 3 o’clock has been replaced with a date window, but the dial does not lose its symmetry. It keeps the lumped dots at 3 and 9, balancing the dial.

You can see that much thought has been put into this dial. If you look again, you will see no lumped dots at the 12 or 6 o’clock positions. This omission means the dial is not cluttered and cramped and maintains optimal readability.

Longines HydroConquest Movement

Longines HydroConquest Movement

Inside the HydroConquest is the L888.2 caliber (the ETA A31.L01), first released in 2017. This exclusive automatic caliber operates at a slightly lower frequency of 25,200 mph with an extended power reserve of 65 hours. The case back is closed, and the center is embossed with the brand’s winged hourglass logo.

Is the Longines Hydroconquest worth it?

It is built to be reliable and sturdy. It has a sturdy case back and is water-resistant to 300m/1000ft. It also has a very easy-to-read dial and is needle-filled. This is a very reliable watch for a budget of under $1,000.

FAQ about Longines HydroConquest watch

Are Longines watches good?

Yes, they make high-quality Swiss-made mechanical watches and quartz watches. Although they are one of the most famous watch manufacturers, they are affordable compared to many other brands. They are backed by a two-year warranty, which is close to the average warranty in the luxury watch industry.

Are Longines watches made in Switzerland?

Yes, it is manufactured in Saint-Emier, Switzerland, and fits the legal definition of Swiss Made. This means that the caliber/mechanical movement was assembled in Switzerland, the final inspection occurred in Switzcaliber, and at least 60% of the manufacturing cost was made domestically.

Are Longines watches waterproof?

No watch is 100% waterproof. The FTC has called watchmakers to stop using the term because it is misleading to mean that all watches are waterproof and, therefore, impervious to moisture. So, we have adopted the term waterproof instead. The difference means there are limits to the water resistance a watch can experience.

What movement does Longines use?

They usually use ETA or Ebosch movements based on ETA bases or other prefabricated modular calibers. ETA is owned by the Swatch Group, the same conglomerate that owns Longines. That’s what caliber integration is all about.

Why are Longines watches so expensive?

Compared to most luxury watch brands, their watches are very competitively priced. Perhaps one of the most affordable luxury watch brands. Watches are expensive for those who are used to spending a little money on watches.

How to wind Longines Hydroconquest?

The wrist’s natural movement automatically winds the Longines watch with a power reserve of tens of hours. You only need to manually wind the watch/clock if it has not been worn for over a day.

If you have a collection of Longines watches and can’t wear the watches at least once a day, you should consider buying watch winders to maintain accuracy.

Final Words

Longines’ HydroConquest watches feature remarkable masterpieces of today’s innovative watchmaking. The fully automatic movement behaves like a Rolex, a testament to the quality of the Longines brand. This comparison makes it easy to see why so many watch enthusiasts are impressed with this line of watches.

Overall, the quality of the HydroConquest dive watch is still one of the best you can buy, which means a lot considering that this watch has been around for over ten years. Although other brands have developed highly advanced watch models over the past decade, HydroConquest continues to hold its place and remains popular among luxury watch enthusiasts.

If you want to invest in high-quality Swiss watches, the Longines brand is an excellent place to start your search. You can be confident buying a wristwatch that will stand the test of time and skill. And given that this watch is about one-sixth the price of a Rolex, the Longines HydroConquest is an intelligent choice for watch collectors on a budget.

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